My New Computer!!!

Kain Dewey Fall

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Yeah so, this is a plus and minus rant of my New system...

Start of saying, I wouldn't be surprised if I have a Trojan Mining Virus stealing mining power from me. >_< Who knows.

But anyhow,
I upgraded from a,
i5-7400 cpu, with a GTX 1060 3gb graphics card, and 16gb 2400mhz Ram
to a,
i5-10600k cpu, with a RTX 3070 8gb Graphics card, and 32 GB 3200mhz Ram

My old computer mined about $0.24 USD worth in Crypto per day at 160w... If that...
A positive note,
this new system that I have mines around $2.00 worth in Crypto per day at 185w...

Graphics are much more detailed, but the downside...
The graphics card is only just as good as the 1060 3gb when it comes to running games. Why? I honestly don't understand it.
I was hoping to be able to run multiple gaming windows at once with this Graphics card and CPU, but it literally runs at the same pace of 60%-90% GPU on games that my old Graphics card was running those numbers on...

At one second 2 nights ago about 2 hours after first booting up my new computer for the first time, I was running my Miner, and all of a sudden for about 30-45 minutes it said that my potential profit from mining was $16.00 a day... Then my defender popped up stating that A trojan from the mining code running in the miner was attacking my computer... I assumed that it was just my computer trying to block a miner "Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't", but like 3 minutes later the potential profit went back down to $2.00-$2.30 a day...

As to why the performance of the Video games is the same, maybe it is because I simply switched my HardDrives over to the new Motherboard/PC instead of doing a clean install? So, perhaps I need to reinstall games? I don't know.

But I do love this new system nonetheless >_<

Kain Dewey Fall

VCAT Team Member
Well, Entropia runs at like 30% GPU on Very High Graphic Settings... And runs at about 90% on Low or Medium Graphic settings now.
Did that on my oldold computer as well. Eh.
So, realistically it is actually running better than the 1060. :D Just have to put it at Very High Settings.

Very thankful for what I have and the constant opportunities that become available for learning and growing...
My glass is up to continuous positive reinforcement and progression.

Kain Dewey Fall

VCAT Team Member
So, I learned that I didn't know much of anything about GPU utilization in the task manager... I think, anyways... Maybe I understand it now >_<... Entropia and my Miner are utilzing about 90%-100% of my gpu each. I am genuinely lost. Heh, CPU runs at like 17% with both running... Spent forever working out kinks in my miner, I bought a second Graphics card. But I have got a lot done and the miner runs faster an smoother every time I work on it.
I hope everyone is well.

Vigilant, Eager, Willing, and Prepared.
:p Best too you all.
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