My view from the trenches. Part 2

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Good evening Monria peoples. I am finishing up a 2 week cruise around EU with my SOC members from Luv Craft. We visited Ark, Next Island, and Toulan. Ark was fun, spent about 4 - 5 days there. Am looking forward to going back and doing more exploring. Next was NI, am so sorry to say. This is a sad little planet. So much to offer, but left to wither. I dropped 3 missions due to bugs when you reached the turn-in quest point. Other members had similar issues. Again it has a lot of potential. And finally was Toulan. This is a nice little planet. I was level 7 and found it a bit tough in my Pixie adjusted (disciple) armor. Would suggest my moon brothers and sisters wait till level 10 or 15. You won't get so worked over by the mobs. All in all a pleasant 2 week trip and I want to sat thank you Okami and her helpers who made it happen. Now for the July 2nd beat down on those Yogs and Shoogs. Global well and often my Moonies : )

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I've got to say, this trip has definitely been fun. I agree with you on Next Island as well. A lot of potential, but sadly since it's been abandoned, it's just not worth the trip there. If they would just fix those quests that would help, but really it needs a new owner who will develop it.

Shame we were not able to fit Rock and Cyrene in, but i'm sure we will do another one in a few months to incorporate them. Just ran out of time. Here are a few pics i got:

next island.jpg

Don't ask how i got up there in greece.


Irish Airlines - Luckycharm One was under attack by 9 space squids! Thankfully the crew did an amazing job of keeping her together and in one piece, although we did end up having a Scottish engineer somehow! (hint read the chat)

Still yet to get a pic of Toulan, trying to find a good spot.


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so, if you clear the icons off your desktop, which one do you press to get them back? :p



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I set up the Desktop Icons on my B key, and the Dashboard icon on my V key. They act like a toggle switch just like the Q key for Walk/Run. It requires a little keyboard mapping.
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