New Crit Damage Scopes (5%/10%/15%)

Xanato Kaso

New Member
I am looking at the Toulan blueprints and I can't find any Toulan based attachments to click to discover these by. Can they be discovered by clicking caly blueprints on Toulan? Or will clicking any Toulan blueprint allow the possibility of discover whether it is an attachment or not?

Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

Moon Manager
Staff member
Virtualsense Media Team
Hey Xanato, yes it doesn't matter where the BP is from but it does need to be an attachment BP.


Xanato Kaso

New Member
Thank you for the clarification. I found it intriguing that you released new attachment BP's without any attachments from the vendor to start crafting from to find more, etc.
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