New DME Toulan Outfit | Thanks to Miles & His Mannequin


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There was a Toulan apt tour going on with some of us since RJ Rob got his new apt decorated, and my last visit was in Miles's apt where it is really nicely decorated with Toulan items. He has mannequins dressed in Toulan clothes that he crafted and textured and one outfit in particular caught my eye ... I needed something new ... ok, didn't need something new, but wanted a new Toulan outfit.

The other thing is, fonne at one point was threatened to be whipped for -- I forget the reason :p -- so I decided to take these photos especially for his benefit ... what was nice, is that the Toulan Thaqafa Sword came with the outfit ... just too cool ... so now there are 2 options to keep fonne under control. :nana

Photos taken at the Narian Temple on Toulan



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