New ore and enmatter locations

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I like sharing. Also, atm, I cannot find ANY of the old stuff like Qasdeer and youd and sham in the old spots...I have a feeling that they are still in the same area, we just need to mine out the new ores first, then the old ones will start dropping there.

This is what I found so far:

Qaz Worm and Sunburst are in the PvP area where the Thwar spawn. (basically east of Nawa rig and south of it)

Maro and Yashib (both enmatters) are around 1320, 910 (this area used to have a lot of Mamnoon)

Maro also found at 1324, 938 and 1322 946

Mamnoon at 1326, 903

Caldorite and Zircon at 134, 937 (plenty of zircon in the old spot, south half of the white area, and cald can be found from this point south, and on the green island to the riught of the black island in the bay.)

Also, I did hit one claim of Lulu in the old lulu spot (far east edge of pvp) but all the rest were Iron, which was new in that area.

I will update and add more, please share here and I will update and organize this post. Also, If you need something specific, just ask...I have almost every ore and en matter recorded. But I don't have time to enter it all yet...loot is hot and I need to keep dropping and shooting :)
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I've been getting Lulu out of the area between Pit North and Pit South. There's some Lyst and Iron and couple of the new no-use stones in there also. IT's got a bunch of the flying monkeys guarding it, but they do have a nice mission reward.

I 'may' have found a random batch of Qasdeer on the E side of the PvP area. It's been a week+ and I may have had a couple drinks while mining that night..... I just remember it was an ore with very nice MU that I couldn't find any more of. It could have been Fairuz but I don't remember selling any of that in the lat couple weeks.

And yeah, Maro "stone" and Yashib "Stone" are found as enmatters. It confused me at first. (Which isn't hard)

I haven't found any sham or youd since the change up, but I also haven't been searching in the NW area recently either. I do have / had a huge stockpile of Youd from before though. It's still a good cache, but if youd isn't being found it won't last long.

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I've found that most of the old resources are where they used to be, but now their is way more variety in any given area, so it can be harder to find specific resources.

I also think that some of the Ore and Enmatters were released as the wrong type - due in part to their descriptions and in part to their locations. More enmatters in an area with them already - but nothing but Lyst for Ores. Also, Qaz Worm seems like a classic ematter item, but appears as an ore. I'm suspicious of Sunburst stone, in that regards, too - both new ores in areas needing enmatters - not more ores.

Toulan does not stick to the standard conversion rates for refining, either. For example, it takes 7 (I think) Sunburst Stones to make each ingot, and others are likewise non-standard. Just something to be aware of.

Also, the new BP's are calling for the some of those previously useless resources. :)



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It seems that most old resources are still present at their old locations. This has been verified by Manny and me, and can be confirmed for Qasdeer, Zircon, Lulu and Youd for example. But we have not been able to find Fairuz again.


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I've found all the ores/enmats where i used to, but there is more in the mix (except qasdeer which i suspect is still there in pvp). Interesting that maro and yashib are found as enmats and not ores though, maybe an error?


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ya notice since first time I came and visited most mining spots changed.

just spent last few days reacquainting to new spots and now an update and will have to reacquaint myself all over again.

oh well something to do tomorrow night I guess lol....


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Anyone still mining? These posts are all pretty old and the OP's coords for things don't seem to match up with the current map. I'm seeking out mamnoon, but haven't had a single hit yet.

FWIW, have found youd at 132301, 94580


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Anyone still mining? These posts are all pretty old and the OP's coords for things don't seem to match up with the current map. I'm seeking out mamnoon, but haven't had a single hit yet.

FWIW, have found youd at 132301, 94580

I found mamnoon where he mentioned the other day but that was a first time for me. Usually i found it on the West coast run from sandy shores South and North or along the West coast.



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Can anyone please link a Toulan mining map Thank you all so much!

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