New players and Trading - Open Letter

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Hi all,

I think this thread shouldnt even exists, but it apprently is needed.

It came to my attention, that people are unhappy the way new players are trading.
Since apparently tensions built up, and could not be resolved, some people came to find me, since i am the Mentor.

So ill make this an open letter on my thoughts, regarding trading, and regarding Toulan's newborn, in a general way.

The way trading works, is for a seller, to sell goods to a buyer, to an aggreed price. Both parties happy. Done.
Now comes Market, where todays tensions built up.
I am not aware of the details, and i cut the discussion short, since i wasnt interested.

Market is a Universe-wide value, containing two parameters. Markup in %, and Volume of sales in PEDs.
If an item is given 400%, it means the first 100% are given the TT value, plus 300% making the item sold four times its TT value, TT included.

Tensions built up, apparently, around markup, for a new player selling lower than regular traders; hence making him a bad reputation, all round.

So, whats the problem?
I personally see none.

Undercutting is a marketting procedure, and as long as its successful, will make the base of trading work; with both buyer and seller happy.

A newborn has a very limited PEDcard, thus will need fast sales.
A heavy trader will have a bank dedicated to this profession, and is a professional. Thus can afford to bulk, wait, and other things i ignore (not interested).

Again, as a mentor, it is not for me to try and control what players do with their money, nor i wish to do so.
My work, is to teach them to be clever, survive, avoid to pay Markup, and sell for as much as they can, to be as efficient as they can, in their own game.
I am in no way responsible for people getting upset over a price, and i dont think you would expect a mentor to fly to her disciple country, to handcuff him, to solve your personal issue.

Now if this is not clear enough, we can put some numbers in.
A trader buys oil 100.5% from new players, but sells at 103% on Calypso.
Given the free flights, its 2.5ped benefit, every 100PED volume, dry, without getting his hands dirty.
And oils sells very well at 103% on Calypso, all you need is volume.

But, if a new players sells a gun, looted, for what he or she worked for, for lets say, 100 sweat instead of 200 sweat, this is frown upon?

Again, i dont see the problem.

Now, if this is still not clear enough. ill put more numbers in, since as a mentor, this is actually my job (volunteer, but i take it as such).
A mawlood whatever is 0.09TT.
It decays 0.0001 per shot.
It will last 900 shot before breaking.
It uses 73 ammo per shot.
It costs 0.74 PEC per shot, decay + ammo.
At 2.09 effective damage (3.00 × 90.00 × 75.00% + 0.060)
This guns economy is 2.42 damage per pec.

This gun is commonly and "agreed" by a self proclaimed market corporation to be sold 200 sweat.
At 2PED/kilo, this gun is then sold for 0.40 PED.
0.40 - 0.09 = 0.31 Markup on each gun, thus a gun at ~440%.
This would bring down the economy to.... 2.35 damage per pec? Something like that.
Which means a new player will be asked to pay TT+3times the price of a gun, which is rubbish, and for which our dear new player could have sweated an hour to buy a better rifle, from the trade terminal, hence for no markup value, and full 100% value-for-money efficiency.

This is what i teach to my disciples, and this benefits them, as new players.

Now i understand, and am actually glad that systems are put in place, to support new players for sweat.
I am delighted that people step up to promote events, and i actually donate for this too.
I think this is a brilliant idea.
Now how does this impedes events??
You can get the gear for even cheaper, and run even more events, if they are sold cheaper? Plus donations?
I dont see the problem. Or i may be silly.
But coming to a mentor, to spit on a disciple, newborn, and clever enough to survive without the big names, makes me sick.
Again, i am not targetting anybody, but making an open letter, to state my views, and avoid drama, which could ruin a new player's experience.

Personally, i give these guns away, for free.
Am i even worse, for cutting the market even more then?

Now just a tiny little last note regarding Reputation, since apparently my Disciple was getting bad winds.
If one of my disciple wants to become a space pirate, i have no problem with that. I will still teach them the game, and how to play. This is my engagement.
I am certainly no one to actually tell them what to do, and what game they should play.

So please, if you cannot resolve a money-to-money upsetting issue with a new player, at least, keep the mentor out of the drama.

Not taking any party here, and absolutely neutral about both, play your own game, and keep others away.
And certainly dont make it in public chats, no one cares.
Hope this helps you understand better.

Much appreciated.
With Love,


Ok it wasn't the fact that he is buying low selling high it is the attitude, the name calling, and he's even sunk as low too try intimate a trade. When I tried to talk to him about this he pulled me into Toulan trade to try start drama and when I told him he was doing nothing but getting a bad reputation, he implied I was retarded... He even went as far as to say he was actively trying to undermine mine and Kinkie's events aimed at giving noobs a free way to play using a free resource as currency... Now we are in a game with a free market... All trades are decided by the players and i'm ok with that it keeps the market competitive and fresh... stops it stagnating... Now acting like your a god damn loan shark and having a bad attitude to those who don't want to trade is not part of the game... There is aggressive trading... Then there is aggressive trading literally!!!


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To Eleni and Kai ... I have requested chat logs and will review this situation. The forum is not the place to bring in-game issues because it only invites a situation that generally doesn't get sorted out in an ongoing post exchange. It also invites the community to judge something they had no part in, other than spectators, which is not fair to all parties involved. It also escalates a situation to drama that we work hard to keep out of our forum so that this is a pleasant environment for our community to interact.

I'll just remind everyone that discussions that are not civil and constructive are not conducive to productive communication, so I am asking that you not bring in-game issues between players to this forum and instead, contact me to see if I can help sort them out.

I would also suggest that you start recording your in-game PMs and chat channels so that you have a log of what actually was said between parties should there be an issue. This way you have a record of what actually took place. Many a situation has been resolved by doing this rather than it becoming a he said/she said issue.

So I am respectfully asking that you keep these kinds of posts out of the forum, it would be appreciated.

Thank You

I am now going to lock this thread because this doesn't need to be escalated any further.
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