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Let's give a warm welcome to our two new Shop Owners @Jack Styles and @Alissanos :clap

Jack is new to our community, and it will be interesting to see what kind of a shop he'll set up (Monria Hub Shop, Floor 3, Shop 4). Little did he know that winning a 100 PED contest during the AHR Grand Opening on Monria while on another planet, he would become a more prominent member of our community. The Dark Moon works in mysterious ways. :D

While Ali is not new to our community by a long shot, and very much a key member in so many ways, winning her shop in the Cthylla Tower (Floor 9, Shop 1), she now has the means to share her crafting talents with all of us. While decorating my penthouse, I was beneficiary of her crafting, so there's a lot of Ali love at my place (it goes well with my new Ali hair). Can't wait to see just what she'll put out on display.

To Jack and Ali --> I have created your dedicated Shop Owner sub-forums with moderator permissions, and also added you to the private Shop Owners sub-forum. Please check in to say hello and see what's up. Be sure to also read Ant's message to the Shop Owners --> "Let's Talk Business" <-- he shares his vision.
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