Official Event : Duhol Imminent Threat at Al-Nahar Snow Mountain Outpost (Make-Up Event)

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Official Event : Duhol Imminent Threat at Al-Nahar Snow Mountain Outpost (Make-Up Event)

Tomorrow Tuesday 5th of April from 19:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC

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Great, time wasted on the first go, now the event is on a weekday, way to go toulan. I won't be there.

Since this is a make-up event to the cancelled one, we accommodated with a fast deployment timing.

Future events will be on regular weekend times, thanks Major Redeye

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Event Duhol Maturities



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The event in itself was great fun and its amazing how you considered requests from the Khaffash event, regarding Bosses implantations.
Unfortunatly the loot really wasnt scaled to the mobs, but we all know that it is not related to Toulan itself.

The event was fun, the make-up has been organised very quickly, and the Toulan manager is always here to check on us, which is something i really appreciate.

Now that your armor parts has been looted, you will need a new wardrobe :p

Thank you Toulan for your constant efforts :eek:

Miles Stardust

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Thanks for saving my favorite outpost :)

This format was more interesting than the Khaffash event, with waves of bosses and the relatively easier Mohajem mobs. The discoveries and more varied loot was an improvement, and at least we did have a decent HOF this time - sadly, only the one.

Event loot is always rocky, and while lower DPS players can 'luck' into items now and them, the more damage you do, the more items you get. If it's any consolation, higher DPS players are generally just losing peds faster, hoping to 'luck' into big items now and then.

All said and done, for a small group we pulled it off nicely.

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