Official Event : Khaffash Guardian Village Attack

IxI Angel IxI

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Full live stream of the event below.
I have been on toulan for over a month and stream hunting on Toulan daily so pop by some time and say hi ;)


Miles Stardust

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Kaffash Mohajem - Defeated - Guardian Villiage - Saved

Mob stats:
Master - Level 46 - 1570 HP - Brown and White
Grand Master - Level 47 - 1590 HP - Red and Green
Primeval - Level 49 - 1660 HP - Green
Legendary - Level 50 - 1700 HP - Purple
Ancient - Level 52 - 1760 HP - Red and White

An interesting note - the highest level non-boss mob on Toulan is the Wahesh Stalker, also level 52, but at 3990 HP

Good fun, good turnout, and a nice array of fire-power. I did expect them to drop some more interesting loot, but it was the basic Khaffash loot, only with higher level stackables items. Still, I had a blast pumping out max firepower for 4 hours straight :)

Personally, I had low-lag and only 2 client crashes running on very high settings, but I have 32GB RAM and good Internet. I know many reported otherwise with so many avatars and mobs around, but MA seemed up to the task server side.

Thanks everyone, for making it a fun event, and gratz to the 'defectors' who completed the Karmoosh Lateef mission at the same time!

Cheers, Miles

As an afterthought, why is it such fun? To me, it's the sheer chaos of the situation. I could hunt that much any day, but it would be dull and methodical. But bring in loads of big mobs, a big crowd of avatars, and a simple, common goal...good times.

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Von Steuben

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This was great fun!!! I enjoyed this event very much and look forward to much more in the future were the whole community can join in and have a great time. I met new friends and added people to my Friends List. I will be spending some time here and enjoying your missions and taking in the beautiful design work in Toulan.




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It was very nice to see so many people on Planet Toulan at the same time :)
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