Other players mining before you affects your hit rate ... by King of Aces


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Since there was so much discussion in Toulan chat in the game the past few days about Nawa Drops, I thought I would share this Caly forum thread that KingOfAces created back in 2019 and it may be of value to you with regard to evaluating your mining experiences ... there is plenty of mining info contributions from the community.

Also, below is an invite link to the Little Big Mining Log Discord (doesn't expire) if anyone is interested ... there's a wealth of information there as well ... King of Aces and Ido Sunrider are long-time friends of mine and host the LBML Discord ... they are always helpful.

Loot resources is something that we (VS Team) can never address, other than offering info posted by others and their experiences. I can tell you that I have shared all of the Nawa Drops discussions from the in-game Toulan chat with Ant, but of course, no responses can be given.

However, this isn't something that only happens on Toulan, but across the universe. We always hope that it gets sorted for you guys in one way or another, but again, that is something we cannot address or discuss.

Your feedback is always appreciated. :)
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