Otis Commander Team Hunt - 12 April, 21.00 ingame time


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4 crowns! I think that this hunt will be a historic page for Toulan/DSEC... so many crowns at once
Thank you Bleib, Crystal, OXY, Heidi, Eleni, Sith, Sahel, Hally, Pirate, Turkish, another 1 or 2 names here that I'm forgetting :D
and thank you DME to be there and taking photos


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Yes, it's an historic OTIS Commander smack down for sure with the following 4 people getting their Crown:
  • Sherwood Flu Fortuna
  • Lady Crystal Uniqe
  • Pr OXY Me
  • Balint Bleib Papp
Congratulations to all 4 of you, and it was exciting to see those who came out to help you get the achievement. :thumbsup
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