Pass on a Message (Repeatable)


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  • Repeatable crossover quest with a 5 day cool down.
  • It might suit those that are joining the weekly flights -- Timing is everything in this respect
  • Find either ‘the Stranger’ on Toulan or ‘An old Man on DSEC9’
    • An old Man - /wp [DSEC9 , 37490, 23899, 108, Old Man]
    • the Stranger - /wp [Planet Toulan, 132643, 94098, 279, Stranger]
Additional Info …
  • This is a 2 hr mission, which is why timing is everything, and perhaps more amenable to those who might travel with the Yamato during the weekend warp schedules.
  • The “Stranger” referred to is the Stranger NPC at the Citadel on Toulan
  • The “Old Man” referred to is an NPC that is part of the new player mission chain at Mountain of Madness, and while that mission chain starts with “A Stranger in the Woods” NPC, he isn’t the Stranger you want to see for this mission
  • Doesn’t matter which location you start at first
DSEC9 Dialogue

1.png 2.png 3.png

Once on Toulan you will need to meet up with the Stranger

5.png 6.png

Reward 1 PED of Universal Ammo​
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