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There are active and passive buffs. Any buff can provide you extra stats only while the pet is happy and its affection is at least 75%. Active buffs can be purchased at stables. For buying an active buff place the pet in the terminal at the stable, choose a buff and pay some ped (be careful dont grind your favorite pet). Available active buffs can be different by stables, but in general there are the focus generation (focus of pet regenerating faster so it can perform tricks more often so gets xp faster), extra hp (you will gain an extra 10 hp while the buff is active), and pet taming skill bonus (you gain pet taming skills faster while the buff is active).

Passive buffs are different by type of pet, they are as follows:

Auto loot:
Its effect is the same as the autoloot pill. Just activate it before hunting and the pet will collect the loot automatically, can be handy.

you will move faster (doesnt effect reload speed), pets speedbuff is stackable with other speedbuff provided by ring or armor (upto a max limit, not sure 25% or 45%).

Decrease critical damage:
you will suffer less damage when you receive a critical hit from a mob while hunting, so can save your life (and peds).

Pet focus - decrease generation:
Lowers pet metabolic rate in exchange for slower focus regeneration. So the pet will consume less energy (thus nb) by time but can perform tricks less often.

Skill gain pet and taming:
Pet and Taming skills increase faster.

Pet focus: Increase generation:
Pet will gain focus faster so can perform tricks and gain xp more often (but will consume more nb by time while buff is active).

Unlocking pets passive buff has some criteria. You can check the criteria and requirements at the pet status window. Level requirement: what lvl has the pet to reach for unlocking. Also the costs in ped and (rare) animal essence (can buy it or extract it at stables by grinding down pets -yes grinding pets *sigh*- ).
When the pet has reached the necessary lvl and the criteria is 100% and u have the necessary amount of ped on your pedcard and the (rare) animal essence in your inventory then show pet status->passive effects->choose the buff then unlock, the costs will be deducted auto from your pedcard and inventory.
For each pet you grinding down you can get 1-3 (rare) animal essence (its random, more rare pets gives rare essence with higher rate, but just dont grind them down, pet worth more).

Pet name tag: name your pet as u wish and make it more unique by applying a pet name tag on it.
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