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Pet handling tutorial

First of all, you have to feed your pets. For that you have to buy Nutrio Bar, and time to time give some to your pet. Right click on the nutrio bar (nb) in your inventory, and choose feed pet. Give some nb to the pet, until the pet window will show that the pet is fed or well fed (cant 'overfeed' it). The pet will consume the nb at a given rate (depends on type of pet), and will not consume nb (so getting more hungry) until it is in your inventory.

Basic stats of pets
Level: it shows the current lvl of your pet. At higher lvl, pets can perform new tricks and after reaching a certain lvl you may unlock their passive buff (if criteria fulfilled)

When the focus is high then you can do tricks with the pets. Doing a trick with the pet will cost some energy (thus nb) but in return the pet will gain some extra experience, affection and mood. When focus is low then the pet cant perform any tricks, or it will gain less experience by performing the trick. Different tricks costs different amount of nb.

XP: shows the pets progress toward the next lvl

Affection: buffs can be active only when the pets affection is at least 75% toward you. Pets affection and mood will raise over time by itself while spawned, but raising faster when doing a trick. Affection also can be raised faster by applying an animal brush on the pet, but its practically unnecessary since affection will raise quickly by doing some tricks. Pets affection will fall down to 0 each time they changing an owner. Do not let to fall down the pets energy, mood and affection to 0 or it will leave you and become and untamed mob again.

Mood: similar to affection, it will raise by time or by doing tricks.

Energy: pls dont let your pet starving, give it some nb as you would do it with your rl pet:)

On the pet window, you can click on the portrait of the pet. Options are as follows:

Show pet status:
Here you can see detailed info and stats of your pet. You can reach this window by right clicking on your pet while its within your inventory as well.
Bottom right: Passive effects: here you can see the currently active buffs on the pet, and the progress of criteria toward unlocking its unique passive buff. You can add active buffs to the pet at any stable for some ped, like extra hp for a week, or extra skill gain, focus generation. After unlocking the passive buff of the pet, it can be activated/deactivated via this screen. Different type of pets has different passive buff(s), unlocking them has also different criteria. For the autoloot buff u have to gather a certain amount of loot while the pet is spawned. For unlocking focus generation you have to perform different tricks with the pet, the order and number of necessary tricks are unique at each pet, so you will have to find it out. For unlocking pet and taming skill bonus you have to tame some tamable pets, while the pet is spawned. The other passive buffs has no special trick or easy to unlock, when pet reached the necessary lvl. While passive buff is active, the pet consuming nb at a higher rate (except the consumption reduction buff), so deactivate it when you dont need it.

Use tool: you can use your currently equipped item on the pet, but only usable item is the animal brush, which raising the affection of the pet, but no other meaning.

Dismiss pet: the pet will be despawned and goes back into your inventory. Pet in inventory does not consume energy, but will gain some focus over time.

Tricks: here you can do different funny tricks with your pet. Do tricks only when pets focus is high (between 90%-100%) so it will gain more xp (for the consumed necessary amount of nb to perform the trick), affection and mood (affection and mood can be max 100% obviously).
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