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Since i received questions regarding pet taming ingame many times and i didnt find any info on it on Monria Forum, i thought may it will be useful, together with the other 2 posts about pet handling and pet buffs.

Taming pets:

There are many different type of tamable pets at each planet (except Moon Monria - I cant wait to tame a Monria pet). Tamable pets has a Heart next to their Hp bar. For taming a pet u need a whip like [Dominax Original Moccasin (L)] or similar. Higher hp pets needs bigger whip, and also a lot more skills. For taming a pet, start hitting it with the whip. Then 2 additional bar will appear above the hp bar: the spirit and the respect. When the spirit of the pet falls below a certain limit and its respect raising above a limit, then a sign 'Attempt tame now' will appear next to the hp bar of the mob. Before start taming, open your action library (Z or Y) and look for the 'Attempt tame' order. Press L and pull the icon of this order on your desktop (also press G and pull it on your keyboard-optional). When the sign 'Attempt tame now' appears, then perform the order.
If the attempt is successfull then u will get some loot as you have killed the mob, and you will get a freshly new tamed pet in your inventory. Avoid killing the mob! When its hp is low, stop hitting it and let it to regenerate. It can happen that u have to try again many times. For practicing taming with Dominax Original Garter (L) I recommend bristlehog at caly, arret at cyrene, panther at rock or nusul at ark; or paneleon at cyrene with Dominax Original Moccasin (L).
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