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On June 18, 2005 my brother and I created a society that included parts of our names ... JetStar Alliance ... his name was JetBoy.
BloodMoon was a socmate who shared a lot of adventures with us.
We did a lot of events for new players and did giveaways, especially at our annual Christmas giveaway.
We enjoyed some crazy times back in the day, and I am inspired to do more for our current community in fun ways.

1FC.jpg 2FC.jpg 3FC.jpg 4FC.jpg 6FC.jpg 8FC.jpg
9FC.jpg Hades1.jpg Hades2.jpg Hades3.jpg Hades4.jpg Hades5.jpg
Hades6.jpg Hades7.jpg Hades13.jpg Hades14.jpg HoggloDance1.jpg HoggloDance2.jpg
HoggloDance3.jpg HoggloDance4.jpg JetBD.jpg Jetboy.jpg JetMS9WFTBeachAtTI.jpg Jet-PolarisArmor.jpg
jetstar-calypso-071310.jpg JSA1stHOF062305.jpg XG10.jpg MS9JetboyValleyOfPurple.jpg JSA-VD-Graphic.jpg
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