Picking Parts for Trade / Steve's Exchange


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Picking Parts for Trade / Steve's Exchange

  • Picking Parts for Trade (Adrienne) Location: /wp [DSEC - 9 , 35915, 19982, 105, Waypoint]
  • Steve's Exchange (Steve The Engineer) Location: /wp [DSEC - 9 , 35884, 19953, 104, Waypoint]

Picking Parts for Trade

This is a repeatable mission which activates your two hour shift, allowing you to loot as many broken parts as you can.
Can be taken every 5 hours.

Entropia 2021-09-07 20.45.23.png

Damaged Ram 4GB.pngDamaged Ram 8GB.pngDamaged Ram 16GB.pngDamaged Ram 32GB.png
Damaged Flash Drive 1GB.pngDamaged Flash Drive 2GB.pngDamaged Flash Drive 4GB.pngDamaged Flash Drive 16GB.png

Steve's Exchange

Required: Collect damaged parts to exchange for new parts.
  • 100 x Damaged 4GB RAM
  • 100 x Damaged 8GB RAM
  • 100 x Damaged 16GB RAM
  • 100 x Damaged 32GB RAM
  • 100 x Damaged 1GB Flash Drive
  • 100 x Damaged 2GB Flash Drive
  • 100 x Damaged 4GB Flash Drive
  • 100 x Damaged 16GB Flash Drive

Once you have collected the 100 Damaged parts of the same kind, you can exchange them with Steve for a nice shiny new one.

Ram 4GB.pngRam 8GB.pngRam 16GB.pngRam 32GB.png
Flash Drive 1GB.pngFlash Drive 2GB.pngFlash Drive 4GB.pngFlash Drive 16GB.png
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