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Picking Parts for Trade / Steve's Exchange

** ALERT **
The 2 hour picking parts missions were disabled and parts needed can now be found in normal loot without a timer.

  • Picking Parts for Trade (Adrienne) Location: /wp [DSEC - 9 , 35915, 19982, 105, Waypoint]
  • (This was removed during The Humble Servant VU.)
  • Steve's Exchange (Steve The Engineer) Location: /wp [DSEC9, 35884, 19953, 104, Waypoint]

Picking Parts for Trade

The mission was removed during The Humble Servant VU. The damaged parts are now in the loot.

Steve's Exchange

Required: Collect damaged parts to exchange for new parts.
  • 100 x Damaged 4GB RAM
  • 100 x Damaged 8GB RAM
  • 100 x Damaged 16GB RAM
  • 100 x Damaged 32GB RAM
  • 100 x Damaged 1GB Flash Drive
  • 100 x Damaged 2GB Flash Drive
  • 100 x Damaged 4GB Flash Drive
  • 100 x Damaged 16GB Flash Drive

Once you have collected the 100 Damaged parts of the same kind, you can exchange them with Steve for a nice shiny new one.

Ram 4GB.pngRam 8GB.pngRam 16GB.pngRam 32GB.png
Flash Drive 1GB.pngFlash Drive 2GB.pngFlash Drive 4GB.pngFlash Drive 16GB.png


  • Entropia 2021-09-07 20.45.23.png
    Entropia 2021-09-07 20.45.23.png
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  • Damaged Ram 4GB.png
    Damaged Ram 4GB.png
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  • Damaged Ram 8GB.png
    Damaged Ram 8GB.png
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  • Damaged Ram 16GB.png
    Damaged Ram 16GB.png
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  • Damaged Ram 32GB.png
    Damaged Ram 32GB.png
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  • Damaged Flash Drive 1GB.png
    Damaged Flash Drive 1GB.png
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  • Damaged Flash Drive 2GB.png
    Damaged Flash Drive 2GB.png
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  • Damaged Flash Drive 4GB.png
    Damaged Flash Drive 4GB.png
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  • Damaged Flash Drive 16GB.png
    Damaged Flash Drive 16GB.png
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Can verify that 2 hour timer to pick parts does indeed run while logged out as does cooldown period. There may be a few minute delay in everything resetting when you log back in.
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Heads Up ... as mentioned in the Nov 30th VU release notes, the picking missions were removed ... all required items can now be acquired in normal loot.

Thing is, the dialogue is still available, but at the end of the dialogue, it doesn't add the quest to your Tracked Missions. I'm going to make some edits regarding this info, but I want to chat with Ant and Kendra first to see what they have to say, and how this info should be presented so that it isn't confusing.
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