Pink neon Clothes and a rare item!


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No discover for the Blueprint, but I'm the first to made that sign :)

Entropia 2022-03-02 14.28.11.png

Entropia 2022-03-02 19.26.32.png

If you want see the sign and some of the textures that I can make, visit my apartment at Nahar Towers, Floor 1 apartment G in front of east televator. A selection of my textures for sale is at Heidi's Bazaar at Floor 7

Entropia 2022-03-03 08.33.28.png

Running a CUHOF I found this beauty: Ceiling pendantlamp scroll. You can see also it in my living room


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Awesome Sherwood, you're on a roll there ... I visited your apartment yesterday to see your Home Sweet Home sign inside the entrance, it adds a nice touch ... I love these new signs, they really accessorize things nicely.
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