Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.2

Toulan Genie

Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.2

June 11 2019


New Content:

. Vehicles are now fully operational anywhere on Toulan, due to recent readings showing reduced Nawa radiation across the planet.

. A new Commercial & Residential structure is being built at Nahar City, more details coming soon.

Patch not correctly applied :


. Exchanging Sabikah into Mirsal Tokens at Mirsal Exchanger NPC in Nahar City Center, now has a cool down in between exchanges, for one hour that is counted whether the player is logged in or not.

. NPC Maher [133960, 95103] who provides Qaydar/Baydar/Shamsdar Full Cards, is now trading them for the correct value of Mirsal Tokens for each.

. Fixed the errors appearing when trading Card Parts for Universal Ammo with NPC Salhoob [133960, 95103]

Known Issues With Fix Priority:

. Karmoosh Lateef Pet, buff is still pending but scheduled to be addressed in an upcoming patch.

. Loot mobs parts adjustments as well as mining resources found are still being addressed at an ongoing pace.



Beladcom Official
Sorry for the inconvenience, the new content did not correctly apply into this patch.

Vehicle restriction is still on.

To be fixed with upcoming patch next week.

Miles Stardust

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VCAT Team Member
Interesting changes - and Residential/Commercial in Nahar City :)

Decreasing Nawa Radiation - what's the story behind that? (Not the reason, the story - but feel free to share the reason too)

I guess I'll wait until next week to return, but I like seeing the signs of new development on the horizon. I hope the loot and mining fixes start coming along so I can come back and settle down.

Peace, Miles
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