Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.4.1

Toulan Genie

Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.4.1

December 10 2019

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Changes :

. Nawa Drops and Nawa Fragments now drops correctly from Enmatter Mining.

. Added extra CUHOF instance gates, allowing to enter the CUHOF instances with the old keys, also activated the Yasmina NPC missions. (now both the new method and old method to enter CUHOF exist)

. CUHOF 01 Key Blueprint no longer obtainable from Technician.

. Corrected the name of the new Teleporter at Al-Nahar Snow Mountain.

. Added terminals to the Nahar Towers roof floor.

. Various graphical fixes of assets and particle effects with improved performance on the overhauled graphics engine of the Entropia Universe client.


Miles Stardust

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Yeah for mining!

Key Problems: I have a fairly big stock of CUHOF keys, but I can't seem to use them. Yasmina won't talk to me, and the hot spots require a team to enter. How do I enter the instances solo?

Visual: The new building is looking good, and the environment looks much better with the graphical update, but the old terrain is looking terrible. I hope you will be able to make the needed updates soon.

Glad to see things happening!

Peace, Miles


Beladcom Official
Thanks Miles! we'll address the valued points you mention.

Yasmina NPC missions appears to not have been activated correctly, we're addressing this asap but there it will take some time since we're in the holidays.

I will update this thread as soon as we've confirmed that Yasmina missions are active.

Miles Stardust

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NPC Yasmina is now active with all her CUHOF Solo missions.

I did 1 run through CUHOF 1 and CUHOF 2 using Keys early this morning, and they worked just as before.

Peace, Miles

P.S. - The terminals on top of Nahar Towers are very nice.
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danka soul

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Looking Great

wow that shop apartment building looks awesome and especially the top floor. As a crafter what a joy to enjoy the view whilst hunting bps crafting..relaxed just great
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