Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.4

Miles Stardust

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I can confirm that the estates will be obtainable only through engaging activity by Toulan community, ensuring that the estates serve their purpose to the community and economy, it is taking an extended time to arrange and implement, but we're quite sure you'll like it when it's implemented.

Thanks Parradox!
Excellent news!

Peace, Miles

Kain Dewey Fall

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I checked out the Nahar Towers... I am very much enjoying the idea of so many shops and apartments all being in one area. The architecture is amazing, the shops and apartments are amazing, the community space in the facility and vicinity is amazing. I am excited to see Toulan grow and for this to become a common place of engagement, as well as all the rest of Entropia Universe.
Really though, I thought that town was amazing... This is just a extra awesome being apportioned to that city.
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