Planning: The Grand Bazaar


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There have been several pages recovered and the HM Queen Nara desires a house warming parties to welcome all the new estate owners.
I say we take this opportunity to call together crafters, carpenters, colorers, texture manufacturers from all corners of Toulan and beyond together to make art, make a deal, and have some fun.

So far need to think of timing.
Probably be best if we do it after a monthly event.
Thinking the week after some future monthly event could have estate owners act as host and have people come round looking to buy and sell the item we need to craft, texture, and color furniture and decoration items.

1. When should we have it?
2. Anybody besides myself would like to have people check out their estate.
3. Any Artisan interested in being around for a specific time slots.
4. Ideas for additional events and activates?
5. other ideas

Please share any thoughts...

Littlestar b-k

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1.Maybe when a few more app have dropped so there are some more people that might attend.
2.If you have an estate that would be nice to have people over.
3.Sry, can't help you with that unless slaughtering mobs is artisenal ;)
4.That's a tough one. Maybe if it turns out there is alot of interest some sponsers could hold a contest of some sort with furniture prizes.
5. ... not really

Nice idea, i hope it will evolve into something.


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Random ideas,
maybe plan it to be on the night after next PP release which is expected to be around 1/3.
Maybe gather people at the mall, and light up the place with crafting, maybe thers even new things to discover ?
Have people advertice in a special event channel
maybe have som live auction like the one Bonnie did some months ago
maybe do wcb style sponsored hunting events in the hours up to meeting
maybe a toulan style fashion event
maybe a pimp my appartment thing where people can vote for best decoration
might even be possible for VS to come up with a special treat of some sort, this could be anything really, event the smallest token action would matter to most people.

Chukano Wrench Crowbar

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Heya all:D

WCB here:D You called for Sponsored Hunts! Count me in will work something out with the team just tell me when and where:D
We can do skilling events and bring people to appartments for a well deserved rest:D You should see Monria appartment visits they are always popular:D

Bonnie would indeed be awesome for any Special Auctions like the one she did on her ship right? You would just have to ask her first of course.

For Fashion Events Contact Jo from Entrolympics he is a pro at that here is a movie form his event on NI as an example:

All in all, I can see this turning into a HUGE event!

Kind regards,

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