Portables, Mining, etc.


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Portable TT - 29 Ped
Portable Repair - 34 Ped

Finder F-103 - 67.5 Peds

Eraktor ES 10 - 23 Peds Out of stock

Space Thrusters - 8.25 Ped Out of stock
Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L) - 34 Ped Out of stock

The Sweat Shop, Enhancers, Space Skilling, and Clearance sections are my primary motives thus have their own threads. Here I will list those items that fall outside of my primary focus.

Custom Orders - To order one of the following PM me here or in Game while supplies last.

Armatrix SB-20 (L) - 54 Ped --- Or 38.6K Sweat
ArMatrix LB-45 (L) - 115 Ped --- Or 82.15K Sweat
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yea 4 Sleipners sold however no space thrusters, I hope the buyers know to get a thruster so they can ply the spaceways.


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added grenade launchers upstairs skildeck 40 for now 2 different TT values so price not posted as of yet. By the time you read this I may have the Eraktor ES 10 with price listed
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