President of Virtual Reality Election Update


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Well... I have to wish him luck. If the PR stunt brings people to EU then it honestly benefits us all. Whether you like the man or hate the man, if his tactics bring people to our universe here then it's a good thing right? If his planet is not all it's rocked up to be then they will go elsewhere, hopefully here to Monria and party with us! I mean what the hey, if he wants the title of community organizer then I say hip hip hooRAH!



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I guess you don't need votes when your the only one running, and you pay MA for the right to run. :coffee
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There actually has been discussion about this since last year November on other forums here, here, and elsewhere. We took over the Moon the end of November and didn't have an RSS feed set up for EU news, so it wasn't posted here. There are also discussions all over social media as well, so it's been out there from the beginning.

I actually found Neverdie's video quite interesting and rather well done.

I've heard and read many things about Mr Neverdie in this virtual world, but the one thing that stands out for me in all of it is, he has been probably the single largest promoter of EU, and more than anyone else in all the years he has inhabited this universe, and for that, he gets respect. It's not for me to agree or disagree with how he manages his virtual property, because I also agree with Sluggo that if people don't particularly like his style, then they'll go elsewhere.
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I write in terse format. Anyway, communication is always good. Even better if you agree. If you dont, well I've got time on my side...

Why I dont worry about anything. I keep saying it.

Anyway, A certain President is being pretty quiet on his landslide victory dont we think? :p
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