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I got a Problem with my Display Area in my Apartment, or maybe i am misunderstanding what exactly the Display Area is... I thought the Display Area in Apartments is just the hallway at the entrance, as it only got 10 Item Points. But it seems that in the two rooms, left and right from entrance hallways, the flat wall, which is shared with the hallways, belongs to display area as well. as i now have a shopkeeper in my hallways (6 item points) and a little bit deco around it, i now cant put a painting on the only flat wall in those 2 rooms. thats a little sad and i dont know if this is intentional. i hope you guys understand what i mean.


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I've no idea as I have not really filed that many item points in my hallway
I'll take a look at mine and see if the same thing is happening.
and once it is verified we'll add it to our bug list..
Thanks a million for highlighting this :)


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This is the first we're hearing of this I think, but good to know and we'll have to investigate this for sure. Maybe Ant has an idea about this and can respond, otherwise we'll bring it to his attention and he can look into it. :)

The other thing is ... if you're going to sell items out of your apartment with shopkeepers, then I can create a dedicated section at the forum in the Monria Shops area for you under Monrians Selling From Apartments.

This way you can post your Inventory List for others to see what it is that you're selling, and bump the list when you have added or changed things. :)

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