Qaffaz Gold Rush... Not anymore :D

Eleni Von Estlla

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While this little blueish, pointy nose, cougar, doggy.. things, thought they could get away with all the gold of Toulan, the Sword proven them wrong, once again!

This to show that you can global on Toulan, at every level.

Started slowly, last evening, after the warp schedule.
Inbetween, I had some crafting, mentoring, trading, and stuffs, so i wasnt even trying that hard. Just a few hours on them overall.
Mostly to finish my Quwa challenge, and tier my sword, but thought i would share, to show that you dont need BIG mobs, nor amazing gear to get the gold :)

2021-02-19 -- Qaffaz Alpha 39 PED .jpg
2021-02-19 -- Qaffaz Alpha 59 PED .jpg
2021-02-19 -- Qaffaz Dominant 42 PED .jpg
2021-02-19 -- Qaffaz Guardian 23 PED .jpg
2021-02-19 -- Qaffaz Guardian 32 PED .jpg
2021-02-20 -- Qaffaz Alpha 27 PED .jpg
2021-02-20 -- Qaffaz Alpha 29 PED .jpg
2021-02-20 -- Qaffaz Alpha 42 PED .jpg
2021-02-20 -- Qaffaz Dominant 26 PED .jpg
2021-02-20 -- Qaffaz Dominant 41 PED .jpg
2021-02-20 -- Qaffaz Dominant 62 PED .jpg
2021-02-20 -- Qaffaz Guardian 13 PED .jpg
2021-02-20 -- Qaffaz Guardian 14 PED .jpg
2021-02-20 -- Qaffaz Guardian 16 PED .jpg
2021-02-20 -- Qaffaz Guardian 22 PED .jpg
2021-02-20 -- Qaffaz Old Alpha 25 PED .jpg

And of course!
The Quwa was done!

Entropia 2021-02-20 11.06.28.png

Entropia 2021-02-20 11.10.13_2.png

Thank you Zalaan!

Super hat.png

But all good things have to end...

Entropia 2021-02-19 23.02.27.png
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