Quwa Missions after Codex

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We will have Toulan mobs in the Codex soon?

On Calypso the Iron Missions are supposed to close for good sometime this fall. How long will we have to work on Quwa Missions after the introduction of the Codex for Toulan?

Will that deadline also apply to Toulan, or will there be a planet specific end end date?

On a related note, will the missing Quwa Mission Creature Figures be implemented?

In know that both Khafhash (which I have not finished) and Sunjoq (which I have finished) do not award a Figure at any point. I recently completed Dahhar Stage 4 (23k) and there was no Figure awarded there. I don't know if anyone has completed Stage 5 (25k), but there is no discovery for a Dahhar Figure on Entropia Life, and I don't think I'd put myself through that final mission without knowing. There is also no discovery for a Wahesh Figure, but I don't think I'll ever complete that chain given the high maturities of the spawn.

And while I'm going on about missions - any new Mining missions coming? I completed the last of those with my Aqeeq tower. :D

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Sorry no official statements yet on when Codex is introduced to rest of planets.

All Quwa Challenges remain the same, we'll make sure we announce ahead of time when the Codex will be applied on Toulan and how it will work in the future.

We'll look into adding the rest of creatures figures rewards for Quwa Challenges.

About the Mining Missions,
What is your feedback on existing ones, and how do you suggest future ones be?

Thanks Miles!


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planet cyrene has this daily where you turn in green crystal for a token or something. a mining daily like that would be cool. turn in a few nawa drops or some other resource and get .0645443 skills in survey or something like that.

An idea for a mining mission could be like mission galactica.
stage 1 turn in sweat.
stage 2 turn in muscel oil
etc etc

the mining mission could be similar but you turn in toulan items.
stage 1 turn in a liqa shirt for "this" reward
stage 2 turn in sahra mk 2 fpr "
and so on and so on crafting more and more difficult items.

most toulan items require mining loot to craft. so it would be a good way to get new arrivals chasing down and learning toulan materials as well.

Miles Stardust

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Frankly, the miming missions were fairly pointless, and I never paid too much attention to them. I didn't even realize I'd finished the final Aqeeq mission until I happened to pass the NPC and see the "!"

A completion reward item is more fun to chase than a few ped's worth of mining skills.

How about awarding some BP's for better mining tools? As afar as I know we've not discovered a Sabad Finder BP past V2, so that could be interesting, have some value, and not cost much. Better yet, Toulan Mining Amp BP's would be great. It would be good if the missions are the sole way of obtaining mining-related BP's. The miner could sell the valuable BP earned by mining, and the existence of the BP's would spur more mining to craft the amps. Have them require some of the under-utilized resources to reduce the amount of TT food in the ground.

Peace, Miles
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