Reorganized the Toulan Booths & Shops Listing


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I took the time to reorganize the Toulan Booths & Shops listing to make it easier to find the owners and their inventory lists, specifically:
  • Wang's Pet Stable with an outside booth that includes a shopkeeper and inside shop with shopkeeper is listed first as a one-of-a-kind
  • Toulan Booths | Nahar Towers Entrance - (these booths are owned, but inventory lists need to be constructed)
  • Toulan Booths | Nahar Towers | 6th Floor
  • Toulan Shops | Nahar Towers | 6th Floor
  • Toulan Booths | Nahar Towers 7th Floor
  • Toulan Shops | Nahar Towers 7th Floor
  • Toulanians Selling from Apartment Shopkeepers
Hopefully, this will also help apartment, booth and shop owners find their listings more quickly as well.

If a booth or shop owner needs assistance with anything, please let me know.

The goal is to have every inventory list in the Toulan Shop Inventory Tool database.

I listed every booth and shop so you can see which are still available. Some are at the Mirsal Trader and the others in loot as Lost Pages.
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