Repair Skilling Program // 2022

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the 2022 reboot of the Yamato Repair Skilling Program!

To start, the runs will be in Monria space every non-event Saturday.

There will be announcements 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 15 minutes before the runs and periodic announcements during the runs.

PLEASE NOTE: Captains cannot add people to the ship's guestlist. Only people who are already on the guestlist can join the repair runs.
The instructions to sign up for the guestlist are here: Virtualsense Space Travel | Sign-Up & Guest List

Here is what we want to avoid:


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Responsibilities Onboard:

This is only a general call for common sense.

As a repairer, you will:
  • Only answer to your Captain on board who will welcome and guide you during the repair run, or MFM.
  • Be polite and respectful toward the rest of the crew.
  • We will try to carry spare RK-0s and Welding Wire on board, but please do your best to be geared up for a run.
  • We will avoid interacting with the Space_Travel chat channel, with regard to engaging with pirates or other ships in operations.
  • You will communicate with the rest of the crew in #Force Channel
  • Know the repairing stations on board. If you do not know them, the Captain will give you a tour around the ship before the run.
  • Stations are called HH for Hangar, PP for Propulsion, CC for Command Center, RR for Reactor.
  • Be mindful of people running skill pills so the run is the least disruptive.
  • Anticipate and announce in Force when moving stations, E.G. "CC > HH" means Command Center to Hangar.
  • If you have a problem with someone on board, please save it for later, Yamato is not the place to air personal issues.

The way we operate the ship is built around efficiency, for both pilots and repairers. We target the run to keep skill gains going for everyone.

Thus, our Pilots are trained to get constant damage incoming on the ship so repairers can keep skilling. This always needs a bit of adjustment depending on how many repairers we get, but as experience builds up, we should get near perfect runs.

Your role is to anticipate when to run to another station.
The ship needs to keep its damage evenly spread on each station.
If one station reaches zero HP, we then explode and will lose some time.
So please pay attention to the HP bars of the ship and follow your Captain's orders.
You can also anticipate a need and let your Captain know in #Force.

Please look at Morrath's tool to search what shop is available to supply repairing gear on Monria.
Entropia Hub

Other than that, you'll be good to skill up :)

Schedule: Repair Run Schedule

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I'm really happy to see this reboot of the rep runs ... thanks Dea for your efforts, it's a blast working with you.

I'm also excited about our new pilots, so thanks for your efforts in that area too. :thumbsup
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