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Hey there, i got another suggestion. As i soon finished the Qaffaz Stage 5 i was thinking that it would be nice if the latest mission stage would be repeatable, like it is on ark or monria. that would give some more longterm motivation as qaffaz is my favorite mob and when i dont have a mission for it anymore it kinda makes me go somewhere else...
or maybe make some kind of mission where every kill counts, like the followup missions on cyrene where you you need to do the ultimate noob mission for 15k kills and then get a mission chain where every mob kill counts but you need 20k for the first stage and even more for the next stages and you get a cloths piece every time. this could be done the same way but as reward maybe some nice toulan UL armor or similar.
or maybe make a mission like the virus kong mission on RT where you have to kill 10 times 10k mobs and then get a land plot.
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