Request: A Specially Designed "Monria's Uber HoFs Boards"

Onyar Loorden PSS

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Hi to all monrians,

I was wondering, is it possible for the M Team to implement a "Specially Designed Monria's Uber HoFs Boards" system?

Well, the system is simple. It will automatically display the Top 10/25/50 HoFs, which are including the three main professions: Hunting, mining and crafting.

Each time, if there's a hunter/miner/crafter get an uber hof (Note: Only uber hof over 1k peds, not the tiny 50 peds hofs) his/her avatar name will be updated into the "Monria's Uber HoFs Boards".

If the uber hof's owner can stay on the, let's say Top 10 for certain period of time, he/she will get some rewards (Maybe a specially designed certificate/appreciation token etc) from the owner.

Well, it's just my 2 pec suggestion here, any comment is mostly welcomed here :)

Thank you very much,
Onyar aka The Onion Lord.


Monria Trader & Crafter
A very good idea, it would be even more interesting if we could see on chat that the global/hof is coming from Monria. Just like when we see all those hof from Foma Fortuna in chat.
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