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It is my goal to always keep the line of communication open with you, and to share any and all information that I am allowed to share at any given time. I am in constant contact with Ant and able to get information relatively quickly about any issues and report back to you, even though some will take a bit longer, but I will always be on top of things so that you get the responses you need that affect your experiences.

There are some individuals within the community who have volunteered their time and work very closely with me on projects and/or manage some of our community programs, but this does not translate into them knowing anything more than anyone else within the community, especially when it comes to your experiences, so please consider the following options and not contact other players in PM with questions that should be directed to chat channels, or to us directly as PPs.

I am respectfully requesting that if you have any issues with experiences in the game when it comes to Monria and/or Toulan, to first make the situation known in the respective chat channels and allow our communities to respond, we have a wealth of very knowledgeable and experienced players in both chat channels.

If it's more specific and something we need to respond to as a PP, then please communicate your issues either here at the forum in the appropriate sections, in PM to me at the forum, or in the game, and especially make use of our Virtualsense Discord to contact me about anything you are having issues with, or any questions you might have. When I am at the computer working, I always have Discord open, but I can also access Discord from my phone when I am away from the computer.

I also have an "Ask Me Anything" section here at the forum, but questions should pertain to community-related topics only. When it comes to development, Ant has his own "Ask Me Anything" section as well but should be development-related only, so don't be shy about asking your questions.

And a reminder that both Monria and Toulan have their own Suggestions / Feedback sections at the forum, so continue to use those as well.

The bottom-line is ... we want to keep you informed as much as possible, and want to answer your questions as expediently as we can. We have provided many ways for you to connect with us in order to facilitate that happening, so please make use of them.

Thank you for your considerations.
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