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So, yesterday I posted a message in #Toulan encouraging other players to let others in #Toulan know to let players that they are bringing to Toulan know about this issue.

From my experience so far, this has happened on 3 separate Laptops(mine and 2 friends), all older than 5 years old with integrated graphics and one had Windows 8.1, one Windows 7(mine), and idk the other(s)
It happened to me back in May and to my friends in the past 1 week.

There seems to be an issue where individuals, on these older/integrated systems, are disconnected from Entropia Universe once they enter the planets atmosphere. They are then access Entropia Universe gameplay after that, they can enter their username and password and go through the load screen but then they are just booted out of Entropia Universe again.
The players are able to login if they log into their account on a computer with "?compatible graphics?".

I wanted to let players know this before they go to Toulan so that they don't end up disconnecting and then are "presumably indefinitely" unable to log back into the game and get stuck in a hard spot with how to handle the situation.

Currently, a working resolve for this issue.

Open a folder on your computer and in the browse section at the top, paste/type, C:\ProgramData\entropia universe\public_users_data
That is the location of settings-ce.cfg
Simply delete settings-ce.cfg and relaunch Entropia Universe

This solution works,thanks SuperFly for the help earlier today who figured out this soluton, :D
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Game keeps crashing -yesterday tryed entering planet Toulan

Game keeps crashing when I try to log in.Starten yesterday when tryed to enter planet,crashed and keeps crashing..Tryed log in with diferent PC,same thing,I oppened support case yesterday to MA support.No answear in @ 8 hours...Wanted to see new content on planet,was only once on Toulan @ 4 years ago...I just lost all my auctions becouse I can t log in and after a long work week I can t log in to Eu...My weekent and auctions is ruined..Don t know who I need to give thanks for the weekend server crash...MA or Toulan....Wish I could just get off planet to try to save some auctions :(

I deleted the cfg file on both PC s,,no diference.Stuck, can t logg in.
One laptop is @ 4 years old haves 1 gyga deicated Ati chip and 8 gyga Ram
Second Netbook haves Intel Integrated video on processor and is @ 1 year old

I wish I could just spawn in space and play game and stop losing money on Ah.
If this takes too long I m thinking of never coming back to Toulan anymore..Already lost my weekend and money on AH:mad:


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Sorry for any inconvenience, we're investigating this graphical issue to apply a fix asap.

If support does not move your avatar to a new location soon, please send me a PM here with your full avatar name to follow up from our side.

Thanks Lunar and Kain for your valued input.


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Third day game keeps crashing,can t start game,stuck

tested on 3 pc s, same thing..My most used PC is netbook with integrated video in Intel procesor-is 1 year old netbook...That s the first Pc that crashed...Tested with my Media box PC same graphics integrated in Intel CPU-crashes the same---is @ 2 years old...Third \pc I tried is my old laptop with 1 GB dedicated Ati video card....same result-crash on loading screen....AL PC s have Intel CPU s ,and Windows 10 updated drivers and all..64 bit netbook and laptop 32 bit media box...tryed in safe mode ,deleted the cfg file on all,deleted the executables in REDIST result...already lost my weekend and couldn t buy or sell anything over weekend...Support didn t wrote back case still oppened....I cant afoard to buy new PC to log in :(


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Higher graphix settings seems to work best for Toulan. Safe mode doesn’t work on Toulan. I’d recommend deleting and reinstalling the game to reset the graphix parameters. Also before you “Launch”, click the tools tab and check that every is 100% downloaded there before attempting to launch. I had the same problem when I started using this laptop.
Hope this helps.



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I did it with reinstaling game

I uninstalled game but kept maps so I don t download 20 gB maps again.Started game but I disabled safemode from settings before I started the loading process.Game started with full graphics tested medium settings game works on medium too_On Low game crushed but becose graphics were not saved started again in max setings.Set graphics on medium and now is ok just my notebook fans spin like crazy but game works good..I can fly away now...back to business.

Thx Legacy...think game haves my setings online or somewere else becose all my setings are same like before the uninstall


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Texture quality needs to be medium or high for game not to crash

Tested all grapgic setings and only texture crashes game.I keep mine all on safemode just texture medium and is ok.My laptop in usualy 24\7 in Eu so my fans make too much noise when I sleep-so for just using auction house in game don t need graphics.
Ps you don t need to reinstall game at all,you just need on first screen before logg in, you need to unmark safe mode if is marked and hit reset setings-graphics will reset
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