Robot Mob for Monria

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Ok. Now, it was fun to shoot Ant when he was a lvl 38 drone for yesterday's event :)P) but it did get me thinking. For the looter professions, we have animal, mutant and robot looter skills. Monria has animal and definitely the mutant part in place but we don't have any robots to build the robot looter skill. I know Monria is supposed to have its construction based on the Lovecraft Mythos so I don't know if having robots can be done with that in mind. Plus, I know with every suggestion mentioned in the past, their is the expense of doing it since MA charges for every details they do.

However, this is the suggestions section so for a suggestion, I would ask for a robot mob to be considered. Also, that for the larger events like St Patrick's Day, we continue to use one or more servers. I'm planning to go forward and plan well ahead for St. Patrick's Day and I'm certain I'm not the only With just me in mind, I know I plan to make a new crater in mining for that will every other seriously minded miner attending that event

You always do great for the events. These are just 2 ideas to consider.


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