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Monday | March 7, 2016

Time passes so quickly and I can't believe that it's been over a month since my last update. However, I can certainly appreciate the catalyst for the momentum we have achieved because we are fully engaged in a rather frenetic level of Moon activity that keeps us moving forward, and we are anything but routine.

Thanks to the growth of the Community Initiatives Program (CIP), I am now at the stage of deciding whether I should consider expanding my 48 hour days into whatever comes after 48, or find a user-friendly time management program that will keep me sorted and on task. I didn't have to make that decision because the Moon Manager and his sense about me was intuitive enough to provide a working tool to save the day.

However, even though I have Wonder Woman tendencies, I know when it's time to assemble an Ops Team to lead on the path of Monria's current and future success. This is an absolute necessity in light of the direction we're heading with what we want to accomplish with the Moon.

Community initiatives consume a major part of my responsibilities as a Monria Team staff member, but it is the part of my job that I absolutely love the most. The Monria community is nothing less than superb, and more than we ever expected at the time we took over the Moon. I just can't say enough about all of you and how supportive you've been in our efforts to create a more vibrant and exciting environment. Your ongoing contributions toward our vision for Monria are immensely appreciated, so thank you very much.

As mentioned in a previous update, how things looked then and how they look now will continue to evolve because we look at possibilities and are also tuned in to where we can be more supportive of the community's efforts. We want you to be successful too, which is why the Community Initiatives Program (CIP) is in place. Supporting these programs will also benefit the entire community.

On that note, the following is activity that has taken place in the past 43 days:

Community Advisers Program

  • we added a new CA member - @Deathsfear - he was a CA with the previous owners
  • we are now holding steady with 8 official Community Advisers
  • we have a sufficient number of Community Advisers to support the US time zones
  • however, we will consider adding new CAs for other time zones
  • our Monria New Player Starter Kit Program for Monrian-born players is going well
  • I have asked the CAs to revisit the idea of having a crafting wave
  • I have decided that the CIP program guidelines are not needed
  • the CIP program team members are self-monitored and doing exceptional work :thumbsup
Monria Mentors Program
  • we are holding steady with 8 official Monrian Mentors
  • we have a sufficient number of Monrian Mentors to support the US time zone
  • however, we will consider adding new Monrian Mentors for other time zones
  • the official Monrian Mentors program is working well, and our Mentors are being of service
  • official Monrian Mentors and their Disciples benefit from the Community Initiatives Program
  • we will have events and activities to support beginner experiences and beyond
Monria Space Travel Program
  • the Monria Free Space Travel Program continues to be a success
  • to determine whether you are eligible, go to the Monria Space Travel Program Sign-Up List
  • follow the instructions if you are eligible and the Monria Fleet Manager will take care of it
  • on February 5th, we launched the Monria FEE PAID Space Travel Program
  • TKoE (official crew of Monria's Mothership Yamato) has also initiated repair skilling runs
  • these runs generally take place at the end of each free travel schedule
  • additional repair skilling runs are being organized but are random at present
  • when a more determined schedule is created, the program will be posted
Monria Shop Owners Program
  • the Monria Shop Owners have been added to the CIP program initiatives
  • a private forum was created for General and Business Discussions
  • Anhithe created a thread called "Let's Talk Business" and gave a breakdown of his ideas
  • we will be developing a Shop Owners campaign to assist with advertising and marketing
  • a Monrians Selling From Apartments section has also been created for more exposure
  • the goal is to have a balance of supply and demand to accommodate the Monrian community's needs
  • this will be accomplished even if we don't have a very active Monrian Auction House
  • therefore, it is key for us to support the Shop Owners in becoming successful businesses
  • if there are Monria Shop Owners who have not come forth since the management change, please do
  • each Shop Owner has their own dedicated sub-forum with moderator permissions
  • Monria Shop Owners are also eligible for our Monria Free Space Travel Program
  • did I mention that --> 1 Hub Shop and 1 Tower Shop are going on the Monria Auction March 12th
Monria Wiki
  • the Monria Wiki is an ongoing process with much more to be added
  • I will give more attention to this, and those who have been our main contributors
  • there are now multiple Monria Wiki pages that cover hunting, mining, crafting, weapons and more
  • the link to the Monria Wiki is at the top left of the forum
  • @Balam won our Monria Wiki Contest and now has himself a sweet Monria apartment
  • there is still much more to be added to the Monria Wiki, and if you'd like to contribute, let us know
Monria Mapping
  • the Monria Mapping is still a work in progress
  • @Crazyshadow published mining maps in the Monria Wiki at the forum
  • we still need to sort out creature maps, and any other maps that would be beneficial
  • if you have an idea of a Monria Map that would be of help, let us know
  • @[FONT=Arial]Eric Shade Avenged[/FONT] created the following Teleporter Map with legend showing coordinates
Key.png MonriaTPs.png
Monria Team Ambassadors
  • I suffer from Wonder Woman Syndrome, and for the most part, I function pretty efficiently, but -->
  • in spite of knowing Anhithe's work ethic for years, never did I ever expect turbine engines to kick in
  • I think owning a virtual Moon has done strange things to him, and Moon Madness has taken over
  • however, this is an elevated direction that I completely welcome and am learning lots from :thumbsup
  • first and foremost, how to tap into my own Moon Madness to add to the frenetic excitement
  • second, how to tap into the Monrian community to support our efforts in building this Moon family
  • yes, it is a Moon family and we're gaining lots of Moon relatives :D
  • so, we decided that we needed an Ops Team to work in tandem with us to add more madness
  • I created the Monria Team Ambassadors as an elite squad of Moon Asylum experts
  • these individuals have already made contributions toward our ongoing goals
  • I love them immensely, and just can't say enough about them as Monrian supporters
  • the MTAs have a unique position because they will get to do all sorts of cool and crazy things
  • they will be very instrumental with event planning and organization
  • you'll get a glimpse of that with our upcoming St Patrick's Day Event on March 19th
  • this is a new group under the Community Initiatives Program (CIP) with all afforded benefits
Monria-based Atlas Haven Radio DJ Studio
  • ever since @Izz landed on the Moon and began DJ'ing our events and activities, it's grown
  • a Monria Atlas Haven Radio Studio Grand Opening established roots for the AHR DJs
  • Izzy is now Studio Manager for the Monria-based AHR Radio Shows and activities
  • @New York Rose and @NoReMoRsE have also joined as Monria AHR DJ radio show hosts
  • Atlas Haven Radio has now become the official radio station on the Moon
  • you can catch all content related to AHR in their own forum sub-section here
  • this is also a new group under the Community Initiatives Program (CIP) with all afforded benefits
  • I am told they have a special program on tap for our St Patrick's Day Event, so tune-in
  • Monria has music streams, and we are considering adding a couple more with additional programming
Monria Participants Board
  • now that we have more CIP programs in place we're going to revisit this initiative
  • after the St Patrick's Day Event I will begin discussions to formulate a plan to progress forward
  • I will give an update when we have something in place
Other Monria News
Monria's 4 Qs Secret Ninja Team
  • I would be remiss in not giving a shout-out to this secret sisterhood +1
  • @Kendra engaged @Alissanos and @Eleni Von Estlla in a top secret mission
  • I was added to the discussion on Feb 18th and it's been a non-stop crazy adventure ever since
  • the +1 of course is our benefactor (A = Anhithe) and the most important role of all :D
  • we've been on secret missions across the universe, and working on secret stuff for St Patrick's Day
  • at some point, I think it was Kendra who said that we should have a name
  • I gave it some thought, and VOILA -->
Meet the 4 Qs

@Kendra --> Queen of Diamonds -- (go figure, her hubby is the "A" of the team)
@Alissanos --> Queen of Hearts -- (she's a sweetheart with a delicious edge)
@Eleni Von Estlla --> Queen of Clubs -- (the dark side, she carries a Chef Knife)
@Dark Moon Enigma --> Queen of Spades -- (the dark side, I have
everything up my sleeve)

We are also known as --> Q/D, Q/H, Q/C, Q/S, and with "A" --> known as "Q & A " :aok

Q & A has been on the move for a while now, but it's time to engage our new MTA team and increase our preparations for an over-the-top St Patrick's Day Event. As Ant mentioned in his
Progress Update 4, we're basically going to try to break the Moon. What does that mean? I will just say that this is one event you won't want to miss. :D

Oh, by the way --> Have you visited Anhithe's shop lately?

We're not on a roll anymore, we've initiated warp speed.


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Warp speed Mr. Sulu! Heh, I have been in Ants shop, didn't like to say anything because I wasn't sure whether I should. Don't know how ye are going to do it but what a brilliant idea!

That's the beauty of it Max --> Ant's shop has been open for a while now and nothing is being hidden. However, all one can do is speculate because only the Monria Team knows what it means. :p

It's all about something way cool, so let the speculating begin. :D


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Well you know how to write an update DM! I think it would take me 43 days just to write the update alone, I don't know how you keep track of everything!

Great work as usual :) and I have been in the shop too, I can't wait to find out what that's all about!


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Brilliant update DM
You don't realise how much is happening all around the place until you see it written down :) a lot has happened in the last month, oh my goodness you really do keep busy :D

The community seems to be growing into the best group of people. So positive and likable, I'm having so much fun making new friends in game I just love it. I have never spoken to so many people in Entropia as I have on Monria.
All this could not happen with out so many positive people pulling together with a common goal

I have canceled my RL until March 20th :)

This Rock rocks :D

Eric Shade Avenged

The Knights of Entropia (TKoE)
Nice update DM :) Ive said it so many times but ill say it again. The current Monria Team is exceptional. You truly are the best person for this job, and we can't expect anything but total success from Monria. I know a lot of this has to do with how supportive the community has been, but these people wouldn't have an opportunity to help Monria grow if it weren't for you, Anhithe, and the rest of the team. What you have done here is the beginning to something legendary, and I'm very proud to be a part of it.


Eleni Von Estlla

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Has it been a month yet?? Thats impossible, i keep an accurate lunar calendar!!
I suspect that the time is distorted here, also, none of you are real! Thats why i befriend yous all so easily, i know yous all are a creation of the tentacular Evil master to try and drag me in its Evil scheme but that wont work, im not stupid!

Hmmm this said great job Ô illusionary community manager Queen officer, i really have good fun here and im sure everyone here think the same :hi
But im sure youll all be gone after the St Patrick event, my calendar dont lie...


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What Eric said.

Ive said this before but will say it again. Monria is the first ever place I know of where the people get to call the shots. All the other planets, they call it and tell YOU what they will do. Here you are asking US what WE want to see you do. This is revolutionary Another thing I think is extremely unique and attractive is that everyone can and is getting involved in the story lines. New people showing up are being made to be 'part' of the wave going on, and made to feel that THEY actually count for something too! Far too often an event will happen and it seems like the ubers are the only ones getting all the limelight and bows and knuckle scraping, the rest of the 'little people' are just there to hopefully snap up some table scraps as they fall. Don't get me wrong, the 'oobs need a little lovin too, they paid the price, but involving the entire community in a meaningful way, like Monria is doing, IMO is just a better way to do it. With that, I am glad I can be a part of that from the ground floor to wherever it takes us.



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OK, I've suspected for some time and now it's, DME, are a, quad processored, over amped, 100 kazillion terra-byte, unknown alien liquid cooled, Alternate Intelligence!!! OR you have 13 clones hehehe!! I have trouble remembering what I do minute to minute and you Lady, come up with this awesome update . Do you eat or sleep...I think not. I praise you!! :happy

Rock the Moon, :headbanger

Your loyal ninja;:havingamoment

Izz :cool::peace


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Hi DM,

I been bit busy with my society as they need re-organization and other works to be done.
Yet, after I'm caught up with those needs, I will be updating the Wiki again :)

No problem at all Balam, you're doing a great job, so thank you very much. :thumbsup
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