Sabad Finder Amp V1 BP - Bugged? lost? Legendary rare?


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So, as we know this last VU with those New big momma lasers brough A LOT of ppl out to Toulan and I may be wrong but, I believe All the new BP's that were added this last VU had been discovered if not all a good bit of them. With that said ALL the new laser BP's have been found though. Which raises my question with all the attachment clicking that went on im extremely surprised that our Mining Amp from the Last VU still eludes us?

so, my thoughts are maybe its rarer than these new lasers that give increased crit damage? which i find hard to believe but, maybe? or maybe its buried in no man land? or quite possibly the BP lvl is mismarked which would explain it not being discovered yet?

I was sure with how many ppl we brought here with those new laser BP's we were sure bound to come across this BP before all the new laser BP's were found but, thats not the case here :'( so, thought id post this maybe we can check on it make sure its truly here? or maybe whats happening? A theory I had before was the picture looked as if the item was maybe coded as a "Tool"? idk if maybe thats why? but, I was told since the skill says attachment thats all that really mattered. Im just brainstorming maybe we can find this little guy. Thanks again guys! :D



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Actually, with this last VU, the Sabad Finder AMP V1 (L) photo and description was corrected:

sabad finder amp.jpg

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