Salafa Laser Sight MK 3 (L) | (20%Crit Dmg Buff!)


[*Post copied from my post on PCF]

After a week+ of multiple players barely sleeping grinding/trading non-stop we have finally made the first Salafa Laser Sight MK3 (L).

I will be placing the first one ever made on Calypso Auction at 100% TT which means whoever buys it will be the first to know the decay stats as I will not being doing these calculations myself. From what we know of the MK1 decay data there is 2,380 shots per ped of TT so the MK1 has 37500 shots at 15ped TT and this one 'potentially' has north of 202,300 shots.
To read about the MK1 and its decay data Acey made a great thread here where he is selling the MK1 blueprint.

As I am not a competitive player I want whoever buys and then uses this first to share in the novelty and excitement of figuring this out and hopefully sharing that data with the community if they choose to.



A note that this Blueprint has an error on Efficiency % it is not 100% - this has been acknowledged by DME and the Virtual Sense team and is due to be fixed on the next VU.

The Auction will have a starting bid of 500% (which honestly is barely break even currently) and will run for 6 DAYS

Best of Luck to all the people interested!


To be honest I wanted to do a BO and a smaller auction but I think its best for all of the people interested to give the market a real chance to decide what these should be worth. As gold rush ends on the 12th it should still give people a fair chance to use and obtain them if more are made after this Auction which at the current rate isn't guaranteed to be soon but we'll be trying our best.
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