SB-10 FEN Hunter For Hire (Live Streamed On TTV If Needed)

Hey there folks

Im SkuLLDuGGeRy PLeaSanT, also known as CollisonPending, I have been actively playing since 2017-04-24
Most folk who recognise my name know i was a healer for a long time, but in the last yr changed gears wanting to have more fun
Been streaming on TTV when the stars align for me to have the time and budget and on that subject i figured hunter for hire fits the bill nicely

Seems this post has caused a ruckes for some of the bigger players in the game so i will clear things up best i can.
First and foremost this is not a post just for me to hunt for you. this a post thats fits anything within the hunter for hire category.
This means you need a healer, np i can work, you need dps to help with a daily or codex you just really want to grind but
cannot do alone as its inefficient I'm there, and yes even solo hunting should it be required.
The ONLY part of this aimed at the 80+DPS hunter would be FAPPING =P as most daily's are done with ease and same with missions so the rest of the services are pointless.

also do keep in mind healers with vivo s10 pull 10+ped an hour np, mod2350 15-20ped an hour is all day work and as i said before i just aim to branch out and do more then just healing. 4yrs healing and it becomes a bit of a chore rather then fun.

I hope this has cleared things up a bit and ty for reading

List of items i use while hunting:
[ArMatrix SB-10, FEN Edition] Tier 5
[Athenic Ring, Modified]
[Ares Ring, Improved]
[EMT kit Ek-2350, Modified]

[Nemesis Harness, Adjusted (M)]
[Nemesis Shin Guards, Adjusted (M)]
[Nemesis Gloves, Adjusted (M)]
[Boar Arm Guards, Adjusted (M)]
[Boar Foot Guards, Adjusted (M)]
[Ghost Thigh Guards (M)]
[Shogun Face Guard (M)]
Then 5B Or 6A plates as needed

The Risky Item:
[Omegaton ASG-3 Warthog, SGA Edition] i have and still do use this weapon even though i am only lvl 34 in BLP. reason for this is because the multiplier factor has left me in profit more times then loss at this point. i do not intend to use such a weapon unless asked to specifically but i did want to list it as one i use from time to time on my own hunts 🔨

Finally onto the subject of Dcay, Pricing and Timing:

Dcay is to be payed by client on all tools/weapons/armour used on the said hunt.

Pricing will need to be discussed prior to a hunt but base will be 20ped/hr (this price is for time spent on said hunt). (EDIT) example on reason to discuss pricing would be the client wanting pills or being taxied around etc

Timing is one of them things.. i am a uk based player who has a wild sleeping pattern but when i wake up first things first is pc is turned on and discord is active
Feel free to join The Discord if you need to get in touch and discuss details:
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