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Hey all,
Im surprised i am actually struggling to sell shrapnels lately, But i also found out that many people didnt know why shranels are worth buying.

I am selling them at 100.5% ~ And you get 101% worth of ammos converting.
So its a 0.5% loss for me, and a 0.5% gain for you.

Since i am trying to use my swords exclusively, ill have regular stacks of those, for sell, so i can keep hunting.
I do not want to use them, since i am happy with my plasma levels, and i have no reason to skill plasma any further, other than tier my rifles.
I have my regular buyers, but people come and go, and i stay local.
Also please note that i only stop selling those a few days before the monthly events (end of the months), since melee is very uncovenient for team work.

This is a regular thing, so if you happy with this, youll get regular stacks of free ammos.

Current stack for sale = 2100TT
@100.5% = 2010.5 PED
You get 2021 PED of Ammo

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