ShadowDragonV is Awesome


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Hello to all

Sometimes you just have to shout out to the world when you see somebody being awesome.

:cheerShadowDragonV you're Awesome :cheer

All the posts on the different Items on Monria and their stats and pics is just fantastic :coffee I didn't know I knew so little....

This is a really nice addition to the usefulness of the forum for visitors and residents alike.

Thanks for the hard work :D


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Yes, Shadow is awesome and a truly big help with regard to getting things updated at the forum (and many others things as well) ... she's incredibly proactive, and I swear that girl can read my mind at times and knows exactly what I need before I need it, LOL ... she's a great critical thinker, and if you look at the screenshots she's posted of the items, she even thought to scroll out and make the item smaller so it doesn't interfere with the printed information ... between her and Anny, they keep me on track ... most of the time. :p
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