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During the summer of 2017 I did some testing on Shubs and determined that the damage they deal is as follows:

18% Penetration
35% Impact
15% Cut
32% Stab

I did this testing on the Level 17 Combatant Shubs only. This damage distribution is not confirmed to be the same on all levels and maturities.

If, like most of us, you do not currently own one of the incredibly cost-efficient healing tools such as an Adjusted Resto chip or Modified Fap, then it will be much more economical for you to protect yourself using the right combination of Armor and Plates.

I would like to provide additional information regarding these options, which one is better, which one is more economical, etc... The Armor set-ups below are listed from strongest to weakest against Shubs specifically. Note that some of these armor options are being listed here specifically because they are suitable for hunting all mobs on Monria, not just Shubs.

First allow me a quick discussion about your choice of armor plates. Due to the type and distribution of the Shub’s damage, there is really only about a dozen armor plates that will be of any real benefit to you. Your choice of which plates to use should really depend on whether you require more Impact/Cut/Stab protection, or if you require more Penetration protection. I will just lay out from the highest level of protection to the lowest level of protection these armor plate options below:

For armors that require a boost in Impact/Cut/Stab protection:
AP-42 Impact or Stab (L) – 42 points
Moonshine plate 1 (L) – 40 points
Pulsar 10 (L) – 38 points
AP-36 Impact or Stab (L) – 36 points
Pulsar 8 (L) – 36 points (most of that is Cut, which isn't as useful against Shubs)

Pulsar 5 (L)
– 33 Points (28 Impact, 5 Stab)
POP Dragon plates mk1 (L) – 30 points
AP-30 Impact or Stab (L) – 30 points

Mark.5B – 29 points
AP-24 Impact or Stab (L) – 24 points

For armors that have sufficient Impact/Cut/Stab but require a boost in Penetration protection:
AP-30 Penetration (L) – 30 points
Pulsar 6 (L) – 29 points (+5 Cut)
AP-24 Penetration (L) – 24 points
Moonshine plate 2 (L) – 20 points
AP-18 Penetration (L) – 18 points
Pulsar 9 (L) – 15 points
Mark.7A (L) – 13 points (+2 Impact & 3 Cut)
AP-12 Penetration (L) – 12 points

Mark.6A – 11 points
Mark.3B – 8 points (+2 Impact)
Mark.5C – 8 points

For Armors that need both their Impact/Cut/Stab & Penetration protection increased, the following options are available:
NEVERDIE Dragon plate mk3 (L) – 36 Impact/Cut/Stab + 12 points of Penetration

NEVERDIE Dragon plate mk2 (L) – 30 Impact/Cut/Stab + 10 points of Penetration
NEVERDIE Dragon plate mk1 (L) – 24 Impact/Cut/Stab + 8 points of Penetration
JOPLIN Dragon plate mk2 (L) – 10 Impact + 12 Penetration

A comment on the armor recommendations below:

The more you hunt and the more your Evade skill increases. The higher your Evade, the fewer hits will be inflicted onto you by the mob. In addition to that, if your skills allow you to use higher level weapons, you will be able to kill mobs more rapidly, affording them less time for which to deal you damage. Some of you may find that the recommended protection below is too high for your needs and I understand that. Take into consideration your hunting skills before making a selection. These armor suggestions are for an average hunter, a hunter with enough skills to kill these Shubs but an Evade level somewhere between 12 and 18.

If you are looking to hunt the big Shubs (level 35 and above) in the Shub Cavern, then I recommend the following armor set ups:

The armors below are listed from strongest to weakest against big Shubs:

Mayhem (L): The Mayhem armor is mostly a close range combat armor, i.e. it has very high Impact/Cut/Stab protection. But it also provides a decent amount of protection against range damage (Burn & Penetration), and Special damage, such as Acid & Cold which are quite commonly encountered when hunting on Monria. When hunting Shubs and Cultists, just add a plate which will provide additional Penetration protection like Mark.6A or Mark.7A (L) and you'll be all set.

Rutuba (L): Rutuba is one of the strongest armors you can get which is especially well suited for hunting any high level mob on Monria, including the big Shubs. If there’s anything getting through your Rutuba armor when hunting the big Shubs in the Shub Cavern, then add a plate that will provide additional Stab protection.

Perseus (L): There won’t be much getting through the Perseus armor when hunting the big Shubs, but if you want to deflect every hit, then add a plate with additional Penetration protection (Mark.6A or Pulsar 9 (L) should be sufficient).

Shadow (L): The Shadow armor’s weakness is its lower Stab protection. You may do ok with it without any plates if your Evade is high and / or have a nice economical healing tool. If not, then add one of the Impact/Cut/Stab plates listed above (a plate from the top 4 would be best).

Lich (L): This one will need plates with Penetration protection added as it has almost none. It will perform very well with Pulsar 6 plates, Pulsar 9 plates will allow a small amount of Penetration damage through.

Spartacus (L), Vain (L) and Eon (L): These 3 armors should all perform the same against the big Shubs. They do not have enough Impact protection and will need to have Pulsar 5 plates added to them. In the case of Spartacus, a Pulsar 10 plate should be sufficient, but for the Eon and Vain armors, Pulsar 5 is highly recommended.

Moonshine (L) or Holy (L) / Angel (L): These armors won’t be strong enough by themselves, you will need to add plates that provide a decent amount of additional Impact/Cut/Stab protection to hunt the big Shubs with them. But the Moonshine armor with it's 20 points of Cold protection is a great choice for hunting big mob on Monria, just add Mark.2E (L) plates to it for Acid protection when hunting Yogs or Cultists.

Other armors that can be used for hunting big Shubs are (in no particular order): Special Ops, Sand Stormer, Sentinel, Chronicle, Mayhem, Ethereal, Supremacy, Wormslayer, Carramone…etc. I won’t go into any details regarding which armor is better or stronger than the other or what plates to use with them because they are rather rare armors and some of them are actually impossible to get at this time.

If you want to hunt the lower level Shubs between the Cave 3 and Cave 4 TPs (level 17 to 33), then the following options should suit your needs:

The armors below are listed from strongest to weakest against smaller Shubs:

Aquila (L): This armor is one of the best choices a Monria hunter could make, it's perfect for hunting Yogs and Cultists without having to add any plates and it will also do very well on lower level Shubs. If you would like to test the Aquila on bigger Shubs (level 31 and above), it will hold up quite well also if you add the Pulsar 5 or Pulsar 10 plates to it.

Stealth (L), Martial (L) and Solir (L): These 3 armors do not have any Cold or Acid protection, which you would need if you wanted to hunt Yogs or Cultists with them. But like the Aquila, they have a decent amount of Impact/Cut/Stab protection on them and you could venture into the Shub Cavern by adding Pulsar 5 or Pulsar 10 plates. For the lower level Shubs, just add any of the Impact/Cut/Stab plates from the list.

Tiger (L), Jaguar (L) / Disco (L) or Hermes (L): Just add Impact/Cut/Stab plates to these and you will do fine. Tiger, Jaguar and Disco all have Cold and Acid protection as well, making them good armors to use on Yogs and Cultists.

Jarhead (L), Boar (L), Luna (L) or eMINE (L): Same thing for these, just add Impact/Cut/Stab plates and you will do fine but Level 31 and 33 Shubs could be a bit tougher to deal with depending on your plates so if you do not want to have to heal, get plates with more Impact/Stab protection (i.e. Pulsar 10). If it comes down to choosing between these armors, Boar has more Cold and Acid and therefore would be better suited for hunting Yogs and Cultists.

A.R.C Patrol (L) or A.R.C Elite (L): Add Pulsar 10 (L) or Pulsar 5 (L) plates to these Cyrene armors and it will be a breeze. Anything less and you will struggle on the level 31 and 33 and require healing. These 2 armors, along with Impact/Cut/Stab armor plates, can also be used for hunting Yogs and Cultists on Monria.

Ozpyn Beetle (L): This is a cheap armor and also a good choice for hunting Shubs and Cultists with Pulsar 5 or AP-30 Impact plates. It will also work very well for hunting Yogs, with or without Impact/Cut/Stab plates.

Polaris (L): This armor has no Impact protection, therefore it will require that you add AP-42 or AP-36 Impact plates to it. I list it here because it is quite possibly the cheapest protection you can get when you consider that Polaris sells for around 103-106%. The Cut, Stab and Penetration protection that the Polaris armor offers is pretty good for these Shubs and so with an AP-42 Impact plate added to it, I really see no reason why someone couldn't hunt the Shubs between Cave 3 and Cave 4. Once you get to the level 33 Shubs, you may start to see some of the Stab damage come through the armor, but it should be survivable.

Well there you have it, pretty much all of the armors that could be used when hunting Shubs on Monria, along with recommended armor/plate configurations.

Cheers and happy Shub hunting o/

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Very comprehensive and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to assemble all of this information. It's helpful to know options. :)


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Thank you for sharing your testing results, this is very helpful. :)

Can you give us the stats on the Paradox armor and 6B plates please so we know what kind of protection that is?



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I just did some testing after noticing something unusual in the cave and can confirm they do elec damage too.

Not sure on distribution so I just moved some numbers around. I'm pretty sure that 35% impact is wrong, I'm using paradox+pulsar 2 and it's very effective even with only 11 impact protection.

Thanks Craig :)

It's quite possible that different maturities do different damage, for example above level 6, Yogs deal also Cold damage.

Please let us know which maturity you noticed this electric damage with.

Cheers o/

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