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Hey all,
Some players ingame have reported not being able to do forums, so kind of got scared in signing up for the space travel.

This will be a short thread to try and guide those who struggle with computers, i been there :)

STEP 1. Click REGISTER on the top of the screen

Step 2. Window pops up, with fields to fill
Register 02.png

Step 3. Fill the register fields
Register 03.png

register 04.png

Step 4. Click AGREE TO THE TERMS (Orange tick box), Then "Im not a Robot" = A window will pop up, click the pictures to verify.

Click next, and you should be registered.

NOTE : You may be asked to verify your email address.
In that case, you just need to go in your mail box, and click in the link in the Virtualsense email. This will activate your account, and you dont need to do this again.

Step 5. Login, just back on main screen and login, instead of register.
login me.png

Step 6. Fill in your login, the ones you entered 2 minutes ago when you registered.

Step 7. You should be on the main screen, with your name on the top on the window.
Your name here.png

Step 8. Register for free space travel

Please click on this link :
Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-up List

This should take you to this screen
Space travel first screen.png

Step 9. Scroll down, to the very bottom, to see a "Post a reply" window.
signup up reply space thread.png

Step 10. Reply with your full ingame name, and mention you are either:
-Estate owner on Toulan/Monria
-Monria/Toulan Born
-Paying customer
-Super Special and they love you too much

Then click "Post Reply"
spelling in space thread.png

Step 11. Post 8 times in the shoutbox thread to unlock the shout box.
This is both used to avoid spam hackers profile to post crap on the forum, so need 8 approuved posts from new users.

The shoutbox is vital, to know when the ship will be safely arrived, and if we are attacked ingame.
So you can stay logged off with your loot safe, while we sweat it in space :D

Please go into this thread (this is the last one, i promise! )
8 posts to see the Shoutbox...

That should get youy on this screen
8 post main screen.png

Step 12. Go down the page, just like you did before, should see that "post a reply" thing again.
8 post a reply.png

Step 13. Post a reply. Usually people post the number one.
8 post a reply 1.png

8 posted a reply 1.png

Youll have to do this 8 times.
Post a reply with 1
Post a reply with 2
Post a reply with 3

Do this to 8 times, and you be good to go.
DM will reply to comfirm you onboard (but she sleeps sometimes, so keep an eye time to time)

dme message.png

Step. 13. Accept friend request from Monria Fleet Manager

Then youll be added to the ship list, and youll receive summons from the ship on schedules :)

Hope this helps,


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