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Eleni Von Estlla

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Okay guys,
Due to the major interest in this BP, and i can understand why, I decided to offer the crafting to the public.

Since it requires Jeef Zafer hides, it is very unlikely that i will be able to help everyone, until more gets looted, and i know too well the fever of having to wait for a new texture.

So ill do this, and i think this is the best i can do to help:

Entropia 2021-09-03 17.25.01.png

  • You provide the materials, and ill offer to click it for you. QR is close to zero, but its a Lv5 BP, maxed at Lv10, and i am 12.3 on it, so expect natural wastes.
  • I can stream the whole session, as for a courtesy of confidence.
  • You will hunt your own jeefs, provide your soft leather, mamoon and extractors.
  • I can drop all my related ressources in my appartement, so as soon as one ressource runs out, the run will end, and everything goes back to you; no confusion. And to clarify, it it globals/HoF, everything goes back to you, still.
  • I will record the whole session, and you should do too. I will not provide collaterals for this, because i may just be broke at the time. But if you do not feel you can trust me, please do not use this service, and refrain to contact me.
  • I will not use my own materials to adjust, incase you run short.
  • This is a charitable service, and i am not asking any money for it. Just smile.
  • The BP will stay with me of course, and no reason will be good enough to "lend" it to you, because this is EU, we know, and we have all been there one time or another :D
  • You will very likely have to fly to Toulan for this. This is where Zajers are located any ways.
  • I made about 27 textures with ~35 clicks, so, to make a full field of 323, youll need to plan ~350+ clicks. This is an estimation.
  • If i am busy, you will have to join the queue, because i am human :)

Jeefs Zajer spawn is pretty sparse, spot the massive obelisque west of the TP, they all around it.
Clean spawn is as shown on the map, or more are mixed with Duhol, up North, in the Mountains.


I think thats the best i can do to help.

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What a nice offer, i will add that to my knowledge the hides drop in relatively short but also relatively frequent waves, i have before had good luck with these in the flora and fauna instances for the smalles version, kill count over mob size. GL all, i might very well take this option :)

Heidi Stassinopolis

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hmm I could be confused, it would not be the first time lol

TBH I see mobs and just shoot them and have a vague notion of who they are, I know its ruthless but hey we all have our dark sides
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