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As a heads up i will firstly say i am not any writer or fantasy filled soul but here goes!!

I was born on a planet called Earth many years ago, wandered around for years and never felt it was a home for me.. Always something missing.. One night i went to bed and had a strange feeling in both body and mind for some unknown reason..

Here is something bizarre..

When i woke up and opened my eyes i was not in my bed or room anymore.. i was nude in a small room with only one door out.. I opened that door and was greeted by some stranger in a sort of armour welcoming me to Entropia Universe and Arkadia. He showed me around some sort of training facility and sent me off on a quest to become an Arkadian citizen. I thought to myself i just had to do my best of it and set off.

After a brief training and some explanations i was sent off to do the needed quest to become an Arkadian.
In my head i had a small thought that maybe this was what i was missing on Earth...

After completing the criteria to become a citizen i started to explore the vast planet and its wildlife.
It became clear to me that i was merely a small dot in this big place so i had to find me a Mentor to show me around and teach me some tricks.

I managed to find a Mentor who was willing to take on a total greenhorn and promised to show the whole universe to me, so we geared up with weaponry and a spacecraft called a Quad Wing and set off to explore.

At first we visited Next island and Toulan before going back to Arkadia. I then had to ask.. there must be more than this?

He looked at me with a big smile and said.. OF COURSE and laughed .

After some time to reorganize we set off again in space travel. We did visit a planet called Cyrene and followed on to Calypso.. Still not too satisfied i asked again if there was more, which he again replied.. Of Course.

So we took a new shorter flight and landed on an asteroid called Monria, and with luck we arrived during the biggest event they had and stayed the whole event. Now i started to feel that this could be home, but he said there's still more to see.

So we yet again lifted off and flew toward a planet called Rocktropia. After running around aimlessly i got a small idea planted in my head.. I want to call Monria home.. but how.

Well, i decided to start looking for an apartment. I was lucky and got a great placed apartment very fast. Now things started to feel a bit more right i thought. Just a few more pieces and all would be complete.

So after some considerations i joined up with a society and hoped that would do it. And yes, it did for a good while, but i felt i could only show my good side.

So when Leshrac Kaine Necros aproached me with an offer to join a Monria based dark society i gave it some thought and came to the conclusion that this might be what i was missing to be able to call it Home.

How it will progress and unfold only time will tell.

But i can say this much.. It does feel right now and i do feel home.. even though many Monrians are still wary of the dark forces and my cookies!!

Will be contiunued :)

Cheers Kingu
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