Some Toulan Mob location for your hunting


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Hey Toulanians,

I fly a lot on Planet Toulan and I am making a list of mob areas for hunters that come to Toulan and do not know where to go for hunting at their level.
I will try to keep adding to the list and pushing to EntropiaHub when I am done with the migration of that website.
But Entropia Universe is about exploring and enjoying that process - I don't want to spoil your fun 🤔

Hope it helps someone :D

Toulan Mobs

Thawr L21-27
[Planet Toulan, 131288, 90266, 136, Waypoint]

Thawr L13-16
[Planet Toulan, 131935, 90231, 137, Waypoint]

Bahri L8-10
[Planet Toulan, 132459, 90771, 142, Waypoint]

Thawr 60+
[Planet Toulan, 133334, 91056, 226, Waypoint]

Bahri L4-8
[Planet Toulan, 134712, 92354, 107, Waypoint]

Bahri L8-10
[Planet Toulan, 135691, 92318, 160, Waypoint]

Kaffash L9-11
[Planet Toulan, 136310, 91696, 180, Waypoint]

Qaffaz L2-3
[Planet Toulan, 137225, 92595, 192, Waypoint]
[Planet Toulan, 137448, 93209, 150, Waypoint]

Sunjoq L 6-10
[Planet Toulan, 137271, 93713, 185, Waypoint]

Dahhar L1
[Planet Toulan, 136477, 94827, 193, Waypoint]

Duhol L11-13 + Jeef Zajer L13-15
[Planet Toulan, 135885, 95322, 312, Waypoint]
[Planet Toulan, 134858, 95580, 564, Waypoint]

Jeef Zafer L20
[Planet Toulan, 135320, 95719, 402, Waypoint]

Qaffaz L3-4
[Planet Toulan, 134235, 94155, 213, Waypoint]

Tabtab-Sunjoq-Qaffaz - L0-2
[Planet Toulan, 132604, 94526, 239, Waypoint]


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Had a chat with my dear friend Morrath, awesome dude with the EntropiaHub and EntropiaMarket websites that serve the community across the universe to let him know that all of the Toulan Mobs info is already at the forum and he's more than welcome to extract that info for his website. There must have been some evil force preventing him from seeing that section at the forum, but then we know there is an evil dark force lurking around in our immediate community areas ... be on the lookout. :p
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