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This will be a sensitive subject involving PvP.
But New players need to be aware, and i need a support on the forum to direct them to, for informations.

PLEASE do not digress this thread,
its a tutorial, not a "food for thoughts" topic.

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Space is a PvP environement.
Which means, as soon as you enter space, you expose yourself to an imminent death by other players.

There are two types of PvP in Entropia:
  • "Friendly PvP"
  • Lootable PvP
The friendly PvP is just like in any other game, shoot at each other, have a laugh (or not!), and walk away.
The Lootable PvP is more into EU mechanics, meaning, the player being killed will lose their loot, all of it.

It is a mechanic of the game, and as such, there are no excuse as for complaining for "trying" to smuggle loot in space, and losing the gamble.
This thread will be here as awareness, for new players.

You get quite a fair amount of warnings going in space, to tell you you may lose your loots.

1. Message center. This will pop with a sound, as soon as you enter the "friendly" PvP area of space. This is early enough, so you can fly back if you forgot to drop your loots.
warning 1.png

2. ScreenBlocker Banner. This will come accross your screen several times, again, couple times, when approaching, AND entering Lootable PvP.

Entropia 2021-03-12 11.23.22.png

3. Radar Flashing Warnings. This will flash and show warnings as soon as conditions change in the PvP environement, to let you know what is the status of the current Area. This will also trigger a gross, low, frightening trumpet sound, when entering a "condition" area.

warning 3.png

The tabs in inventory, that can be looted are stackable, and mineral ressources.
Completely empty those, to make sure you will have nothing to lose.

Dont forget to click few times on
when looking in stackable tabs, to make sure there was no loot in hidden corners of your inventory.

Last thing is, do not try to "hide" loot in other vehicules you carry. They will be looted. You can not cheat the system, no loot is no loot. Or get looted :D

Ways to travel safe

Toulan / Monria will offer a Free warp service, on weekends, for Monria / Toulan born, and under other restrictions.
Flying on a warship, that is securely managed, and strong, will get you safe to destination, with loots.

Other option is a Strong and reputable warship, like the Normandie, which is litterally untouchable in space.
This is the fruit of hard work, and dedication, of a strong ship, and a skilled team, to assure you will get to dstination safely, for a fee.

Lesser option is, only to do not travel at all. You will be safe :)
But, no carrying loot will not make you lose anything.
You may get shot, but youll only need to repair your ship with a tool, and wires.

Still costs money, and its only a matter of decisions either you want to buy a spaceship, the tools, the fuel, the space thruster, and maybe get shot and lose all ~~ OR pay a reputable ship when you feel like you have no choice.

So, in space, "pirates" are players, like you and me, that will seek people and kill them, to check if they carry loot, and take it.
This may escalte to organised strikes, on weaker Warships, to trap them and destroy them, to then, kill all staffs/passengers and loot everyone.
This is a mechanic of the game, either people like it or not.

Same would apply in Planet Lootable PvP, where you need a toxic shot to enter.
You may mine juicy MU ores and liquids in there, but may also risk to lose it all, just like in space.

Only difference is, in space, everyone is equal, more or less.
Same ship, same gun, same everything.
When in planet PvP, players can use high armor, tiered, big guns, buffs, and all the stuffs, but are not called pirates; its just PvP.
Result is the same, go there uncovered, gamble, may lose it all.

Hope this helped,
And thanks again for not disgressing this thread.

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Miles Stardust

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Unless this has been corrected quite recently, the current warnings in space are a bit confusing. The pop-up messages were not changed when MA changed the lootable space zones and can make it appear as if you are in danger when you are not - for example flying from Calypso Space Station to FOMA. They still say you are are entering a lootable zone as soon as you leave Non-PVP space zones (the old setup), when in fact you are entering Non-Lootable PVP space. The new lootable area is now smaller and starts further away from planets. This places the near-to-planet hunting zones in non-lootable space.

The indicator that is accurate is the Lootable PVP Light associated with your radar. Only when it is RED are you in lootable space.

Solo sub-light travel when done right, though not without risk, is safest way to smuggle other than using a Mother Ship and logging out (I consider this an exploit and choose not to do it, but it is accepted and acceptable).

Don't take any lootable items into Space that you cannot afford to lose. If you are looted by a pirate, don't come whining on the forums about it.

As Elani said, it is purposeful game mechanic and pirates are players too.

Peace, Miles
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