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Vehicle Rk-5 - 10 Ped
Welding Wire 50768 lots - 8.5 ped

Alternative Ingot lots of 200 - 7.5 ped
Ospra Ingot Lots of 200 - 14 ped //// Lots 500 - 34.5 Ped

Each RK-5 should last just over 3 hours of repair skilling and take 50768 of welding wire. This explains the lot size as it does look odd right?

Anny below has given me the specific numbers that I was missing. For everyone who sees the information being as valuable as I do please like the her post below.

Repair skilling helps improve the following skills

Vehicle Technology
Vehicle Repair
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Hi there

I think this what you asking

8 wire per click and 6346 clicks (~192minutes can change with bufs, rings, etc), 50768 wire per rk-5

44 wire per click and 2368 clicks (~71minutes can change with bufs, rings, etc), 104192 wire per rk-20


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RK-5 restocked

half my welding wire back stock sold on AH last couple of weeks may need to slow down on that or start crafting WW myself hmm


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well these are restocked will be moving the WW crafting mats over to here as I won't be operating the import/export except on limited items and behind the scenes
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