Spirit Orbs


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Spirit Orbs, everywhere, floating around the Hub and the deepest caverns, can’t you see them?

No, they are not motes of dust! They are the souls of those long gone, and if you listen, they will speak to you.

They will whisper to you of ancient things, images of bygone days when they once lived.

They are my friends, my advisors, I have taken them into me, and we are one, but I fear I am changing.

Time, Space, flexible humans concepts, there is only being. My mind, my body, what is happening? My sense of identity, can my Psyche withstand the onslaught?

Were the Cultists once human?

Did their knowledge change them?

Will I become like them or something far different?

Fear? What have I to fear! We are un-aging, immortal, our power grows!

Wait, what is this? A strange darkness has fallen, Our equipment, Our tools, have lost their light, and settle upon their selves as if asleep, or dead!

No, NO, NOOO! A Seal has been broken, a Gate has been opened!!! The Moon is in danger, I, We, are in danger. They come, it can not be, they are dead, Ancient things forgotten in time!!!

They have come for us, for me!!! I must ready my defenses, We must prepare, I must cast the great s……………………..


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There are so many possibilities Sachem, and I like what you did here. :)
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