St. Patrick's Day FIST-ival! Posting really early to get the word out!


If there's one thing I hold near and dear to me, it's my Irish heritage. So, I'm always looking for ways to make Saint Patty's day special.
And what says St. Pats much more than an all-out drunken brawl?

That's right! It's a type of event that I've been talking about in my streams for months. A FIST-ival! That is Festival with FISTS in it!
Then I noticed Monria would be the perfect place to hold it.
Why, we could hand out TT fist weapons to all the participants and head down to the Leprechauns and punch our way through them for fun and possible profit!

"That's stupid, Fatty. Those leprechauns are for taming. They don't drop good loot!"
Quiet, silly! *smacks their face*
It's all for good fun! The idea is maybe the loot you get from the Leprechauns allows you to buy another fist weapon, and then on and on. Not to mention the most important aspect... SKILLS! Melee weapon skills are very valuable! And you'll be receiving a free fist weapon! Free skills! We will probably need a bouncer, though to deal with the few Cultists that wander close to the wee folk.

But that's not all, folks! Throughout the evening, I will be giving away the slightly rarer Blue Leprechaun pet! If I call your name, you've won one!
And if you thought that was the end of it, we could go up the hill to the military base camp where there is a convenient, little boxing ring. End the night with some pvp punching to test out your new melee skills FFA style! (EDIT: Changed from Tournament to FFA) The winner will receive... something special! That is all I'll say for now! >.> This just happens to be the night before the festivities that are the Monria event, so let's say this kicks things off for the weekend!

Here are the deets!
It takes place Friday, March 17th from 19:00 Server time until maybe 00:00 server (EDIT: Had to change the times). From 19:00 to 20:00, we gather at the Military Base Teleporter. From 20:00 - 23:00, we punch Leprechauns and every half hour, I draw to see who wins a Blue Leprechaun. From 23:00 - 0:00 we move the party to the boxing ring and see who the ultimate brawler is! And, obviously, I will be streaming the whole thing! Have the stream playing in the background (
) or be in my Discord to be eligable to receive a Blue Leprechaun or other prizes. - Join the The First Church of Tommy Discord Server!

So, if you're excited for the FIST-ival, sign up in this thread! It will be important to get an idea of how many may come so I can buy the correct amount of fist weapons. Donations to the event are welcome and I will love you long time!
See ya there, friends! BYOB!
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This is awesome, looking forward to the fun ... just keep in mind that our annual St Patrick's Day Event runs the whole weekend ... that would be Saturday March 18th and Sunday March 19th ... we make use of the Monria Boxing Ring for our St Patrick's Fashion Contest on Saturday, and then use it again on Sunday for the Best in Show Pet Competition, so whatever Monria Boxing Ring activities you have planned will have to be outside of that ... just a heads up. :)


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I won't have the event thread posted until the end of February and I have to sort some things out with Ant before doing that. The times of the Fashion Contest and Best in Show Pet Competition is still to be determined based on Ant and Kendra's availability.
It's almost that time! As far as I am aware, this event does not interfere with Monria's event, as it occurs several hours before. So, if you are planning on attending, state so so I can get a accurate count for how many fists I need to buy.

If you want to donate fists or other things as prizes, please get with me on that. :)
I look forward to seeing you guys on the 17th at 2:00 server (The morning of the 18th for you guys in Europe and east of there)
Ok, seeing as how the Monria St. Pats starts the evening of the 17th for us in America, I ill need to prepone (the opposite of postpone) the Fist-ival so that it ends when the Monria event begins. I will also be able to go to supper with my friend that way.

The St. Patrick's Day Fist-ival will start at 20:00 Server on March 17th and go until 00:00 Server March 18th.
That is 12:00 PM Pacific
1:00 PM Mountain
2:00 PM Central
3:00 PM Eastern

I realize this may not work out for some, but I want to be accommodating to Virtualsense. Why not come to Monria and join the Fist-ival and then go right into the main event!
Remember, everyone gets a fist weapon as a door prize. Think of it as free skilling. To enter the Tournament that takes place in the last hour of the event, you may need to buy another fist with the profits from the first one.

Ok, hopefully everyone gets that update. Please spread the news!
We'll see you guys next Friday!
Daylight Savings happened... I totally forgot that it was happening again. So. 19:00 is the official start time, since that will be the same time I originally wanted. Thanks, stupid rule from the 18th century.
Once again...
Ends at 23:00!

Hope to see some of you there. :)
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